Impressive sleight of hand at the 2012 Beijing International Magic Convention.

Please stahp.

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People these days

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Hahaha, I love the Internet.

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That's one short woman.

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That was not what I was thinking, ahaha.

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He Pingping (2'5'') with Sultan Kösen (8'3'').

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"Yall think I don't get girls, cuz I ain't very tall----!?"

my name is krispy kream. im a rapper. got dreams of makin it big.

It seems like there were a lot of hardcore republicans and democrats on the last post, and most of the focus were on the negatives against Ron Paul. I use to like Obama, then I took an arrow to the knee... by Ron Paul. After my research on him, I couldn't imagine myself supporting anyone else, but Ron Paul. Maybe this is why no one knows who Ron Paul is.

~new: • It is not enough to say "Vote Ron Paul" ~if you do not SWITCH PARTIES 12 weeks in advance of the PRIMARIES in most U...

Happy New Year everyone! Anyone into politics? Who are you guys rooting for, and why? My supports go to Ron Paul, the most honest candidate out of all the republicans.

Stop this bill! With your help, we will still have our freedom of speech!

A bill that is very likely to pass will let government and corporations censor the internet, take down sites at the behest of corporations. My favorite sites and friends have to step up now to help stop it, or it passes:

Hey guys! Today is the event of "I am under 5'9'' and will post my height on my status and be proud of it" so I guess I will reveal my height. I am 5'8'' and I'm taller than everyone in my family, so I'm cool with it. I am glad that I am this height actually. Although I may have felt inferior from time to time, I realized that it was my mindset that allowed that to be. "Everyone is created equal".

I'd just like to say that you guys are getting taller whether you like it or not Also, for those who thinks they are short; just because you are under 5'9'' doesn't mean you are short... maybe for guys. Sorry guys (5'7 and up is pretty decent though) Keep you head up because height doesn't matter

Okay, I really want to do something for the shawties, so please make some realistic suggestion. No giveaways or anything that requires me to physically do something with strangers. So hopefully by tomorrow we will come to a conclusion

I can't give anything physical, sorry guys...

I'm shorter than 5'9'' created a poll.
May 2, 2011

Since you guys helped me, I would like to do something for you guys. Any appropriate suggestions? Be gentle