Imagine Belfast Festival of ideas & Politics 2018
Tomorrow is Satire Day

We're looking forward to these 3 shows in the lovely Accidental Theatre

Mar 13 - Mar 15Accidental TheatreBelfast, United Kingdom
34 people interested

Tickets are going quickly for this topical (and free) event!

As part of Imagine. The Belfast Festival of Ideas & Politics, the Open Government Network are hosting a FREE event on
"The Good Friday Agreement - Is it still for purpose?"

Join us on 14th March (4:30pm – 6:30pm) at the Crescent Arts Centre. To register, please click here:

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Is the Good Friday Agreement still fit for purpose? Ratified in a referendum in May 1998, the Good Friday Agreement brought an end to 30 years of sectarian conflict and set up a power-sharing assembly and executive to govern Northern Ireland by cross-community consent. The Agreement affirmed the leg...
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Experience another Belfast this March with 'Quartered: Belfast, A Love Story'; a unique audio journey that lets you see the city through fresh eyes and makes familiar streets seem brand new.
Rediscover Belfast and ask yourself, how much power do you have to change the city?

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Kabosh Theatre Company to Quartered: Belfast, A Love Story

Check out the first promo video for 'Quartered: Belfast, A Love Story'

Experience another Belfast this March with 'Quartered: Belfast, A Love Story'; a unique a...udio journey that lets you see your city through fresh eyes and makes familiar streets seem brand new.

Rediscover Belfast and ask yourself, how much power do you have to change the city?

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As part of the 50th Anniversary of Civil Rights 1968-2018, the Civil Rights Commemoration Committee are hosting a panel discussion on ‘Civil Rights – A Missed Opportunity?’

Speakers include Austin Currie, Erskine Holmes, and Nelson McCausland. Chaired by Allison Morris, Irish News.

The broad based Civil Rights 50th Anniversary Commemoration Committee is chaired by Professor Paul Arthur and includes civil rights activist and many others who wish to commemorate the 50th Anniver...sary of Civil Rights in an inclusive and reflective way.

Doors: 19:00

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Fri 7:15 PM UTCThe Dark HorseBelfast, United Kingdom

Celebrating the 20th year anniversary of this legendary film, novelist and screenwriter Eoin McNamee will be in conversation before the film.

Based on the deeds of the Shankill Butchers in 1970s Belfast, told as a retrospective. Victor Kelly (Stuart Townsend) is a criminal and ruthless murderer. He is the leader of a gang of men known as ‘Resurrection Men’. Victor’s cruelty makes him a local legend, both feared and venerated. On his trail is Ryan (James Nesbitt), a journalist. Driven by his own personal demons and by an obsessive need to discover the truth about the 'Resurrection Men’ he puts himself at risk.

Duration 1hr 42 mins. Age 18+.

Thu 8:30 PM UTCStrand Arts CentreSydenham, United Kingdom

The building of the Ulster University campus, redevelopment in the inner-city and plans for a motorway interchange will radically change the face of North Belfast in the next decade.

This workshop and walk will consider how best to protect and enhance the urban landscape and quality of life for communities in North Belfast and consider what steps are necessary to deliver this.

This will be an interactive workshop exploring the dramatic potential to change inner North Belfast,... including the impact on the public realm and quality of life. Depending on the weather conditions, we will:

Consider the potential for change by examining the proposals using a 3-D model of the affected area

Get a view of the potential for development around the University through a visit to the new BB block on the Belfast campus

Take a walk to Clifton Street to consider some of the challenges for local residents, planners and architects

Offer an opportunity for discussion and reflection

Organised by Ulster University.

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For ‘Cad é faoi na hoibrí?’ Belfast based visual artist Stephen Millar focused on feminism and language and held conversations with different sitters, identifying as feminist, to create a series of paintings. The paintings act as portraits or memories of the conversation.

The conversations took place in various locations at the discretion of the sitter such as pubs, cafés and even a football match. The theme of conversation was dictated by the sitter. The paintings act as an... attempt to retell the story. Through image and text, the work illustrates the broad range of subjects covered, which include feminism, Irish language, politics, humour and aesthetics. The sitters come from a range of backgrounds including a journalist, a curator and bee keeper.

Stephen specialises in painting and illustration. Somewhere between abstraction and caricature, his work makes use of the interplay between image and text, often for satirical ends. Colour and texture are also important. The composition of a piece is often an unconscious response to the depiction or manipulation of events in the media. The result may be bleakly comic or unsettling.

For more information on Stephen’s work, visit

An exhibition launch with drinks reception and artist talk will take place on Monday 12th March at 7pm. All welcome

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Mar 12 - Mar 17FramewerkBelfast, United Kingdom

In this talk, Danny Dorling will discuss: “Immigration has been suggested as the reason why a narrow majority of people in the UK voted for Brexit. The concept was used to stoke up fear in areas of low immigration. However, immigration is not what sets the UK apart from other EU nations as unusual. The real reason for the Brexit vote was widespread and rising dissatisfaction with living standards as a result of rising inequalities. This event concentrates on that and the firs...t signs of a possible fall in economic inequality, ironically possibly partly as a consequence of the Brexit vote.”

Danny Dorling, Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography at the University of Oxford, has published, with many colleagues, more than a dozen books on issues related to social inequalities in Britain and several hundred journal papers. His work concerns issues of housing, health, employment, education and poverty. His academic career has included posts at Newcastle, the universities of Bristol, Leeds and Sheffield, the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and a visiting professorship at Goldsmiths, University of London. He is an Academician of the Academy of the Learned Societies in the Social Sciences, Honorary President of the Society of Cartographers and a patron of Roadpeace, the national charity for road crash victims.

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A one act play about two parents from Derry who are struggling with the news that their son has gone and joined Isis. Performed by Mockingbird Theatre Group, ‘Emmet of Arabia’ is both a touching and hilarious play that presents a mix of viewpoints, including arguments for and against, both political and domestic, for Emmet’s actions, through the eyes of his bickering parents.

Wed 8:00 PM UTCSunflower Public House & Live MusicBelfast, United Kingdom
What would it be like to live in Belfast if it was a restorative city? Who needs to sit together to make this happen? Ulster University Belfast Campus – 12th March: 12.00pm – 2.00pm. Imagine! – Belfast's festival of ideas and politics. 12-18 March 2018.

France-based writer Paul Cudenec explains why anarchy is a good thing.

“Anarchism has, over the years, often been seriously misunderstood. But the situation seems worse than ever today”, says writer Paul Cudenec.

Speaking live via the internet from France, Cudenec explains why anarchy is a good thing. He explains that anarchism is not, as some imagine, a political creed based on disorder and conflict. Instead it is a holistic philosophy based on the idea of natural harmony an...d co-operation.

“Many people assume that without a government, human society would fall apart into chaos, with everyone trampling over each other in a brutal ‘dog-eat-dog‘ world. The word ‘anarchy’ is often used in this way by non-anarchists. They talk about a fear that we could ‘descend into anarchy’”.

“But what if you believe that humans have a natural tendency for co-operation rather than for competition, for mutual aid rather than for mutual robbery? In this case, you obviously do not believe that a state is necessary to hold society together, as this is something that happens naturally from within, because of this tendency for co-operation.”

“Comparisons are sometimes made between anarchism and the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism. Taoism describes a natural flow to the world which can be blocked and disrupted by any attempts to control it, even well-meaning ones.”

“For me, anarchy is the spirit of life reasserting itself against oppression”.

The talk will be followed by an audience discussion.

Doors 7.00pm

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Mon 7:30 PM UTCAccidental TheatreBelfast, United Kingdom
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Patrick Ayrton – internationally renowned conductor, harpsichordist, organist and professor at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague and a passionate educator in the field of improvisation, together with celebrated German violinist Daniela Helm will join musical forces with the Cormeen Rising Sons of William flute band for this very special night of music and friendship.

During the evening, young people from North Belfast will be presented with certificates on the completion o...f ‘For Your Freedom and Ours’ shared history programme. To mark the occasion, Frasier Hickland, a 19-year-old pianist and organist from Lisburn will perform his own composition entitled Polish Suite, which features four pieces and includes elements of Polish, Irish and British music.

Special guests will include Lord Alderdice, Polish Consul General Mr Dariusz Adler and the award-winning author Clare Mulley.

This event is organised by the Centre for Democracy and Peace and is supported by The Executive Office’s T:BUC Good Relations programme.

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Tue 7:00 PM UTCThe DuncairnBelfast, United Kingdom

Catching up on some great coverage of the Imagine! Festival launch party broadcast by NVTV featuring Colin Hassard and Jack and Thomas from Challenges NI. Have a look 14.35min into this programme

One woman, one room, one week.

Artist Kate Guelke presents The Bare Necessities – a durational performance as part of the Imagine Festival.

Guelke will spend the duration of the festival barricaded in a small room at The Barracks. The artist places herself in a contradictory space: in between the public and private, vulnerability and privilege. She will be accepting visitors and gifts, depending on her audience for those bare essentials necessary to maintain human life: food,... water, company.

Kate gets back to basics and asks: what does a person really need to survive?

See for yourself in person or on the live online relay –

Call in to the Barracks during 11.30am to 2.30pm and 5.30pm to 8.30om.

Curator: Siobhan Kelly

No tickets required. Free

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Mar 12 - Mar 18TheatreofplucKBelfast, United Kingdom

According to Professor Heather Widdows, John Ferguson Professor of Global Ethics, University of Birmingham:

'The beauty ideal is changing, it is becoming more important and, in so doing, it is being transforming into an ethical ideal. Yet the extent to which beauty defines our identities, constructs the self, structures daily practices, creates meaning and against which individuals are valued (or not) is not well recognised.'

This talk will explore beauty as an ethical ideal,... a shared value framework against which individuals judge themselves and others. This framework sets aspirational standards that we are required to work towards. Meeting, or striving to meet, such standards has the character of a (moral) duty, where failure to confirm is a moral vice, engendering shame and disgust, whilst being beautiful is seen as a sign of virtue. Praise, blame and reward are apportioned in accordance with the norms of beauty. Understanding the ethical nature of the ideal changes the power of what it means when we say “I let myself go!” or “I’ve been good and stuck to my diet”. It also makes sense of other features of beauty, such as why we ‘choose’ to engage in painful or harmful practices, like waxing and cosmetic surgery, and why criticisms about appearance can be so damaging.

Organised by the NI Ethics Forum

The venue is the Old Staff Common Room, QUB Main building, University Road

Doors 2.45pm

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Fri 3:00 PM UTCQueen's University BelfastBelfast, United Kingdom