Sunday, August 13, is the last day to place an order until September!

My shops (eBay, Etsy, etc.) will be CLOSED August 14 - 31. I will have limited availability during that time, so it may take a little longer than usual for me to see and respond to messages.

Thank you for understanding!

Extra wide 2-inch Velvet Chokers are now available!

Black, White, Grey, Dark Brown, Ivory, Navy, Dark Green, Scarlet, Plum and Bordeaux (burgundy) are in stock and listed in my Etsy shop and eBay store; I am still in the process of adding them to my other shops. (As always, if you would like a PayPal invoice rather than going through a venue, please contact me with the details.)

* More velvet colors may be added in this width in the future, so if you are interested in seeing ...a particular shade added, let me know.

* As with my other chokers, the Hardware Color options are Silver tone, Gold tone, Gunmetal, Antique Brass/Bronze and Antique Copper.

Search my ETSY shop for 2-inch Velvet Chokers here --…

Search my EBAY store for 2-inch Velvet Chokers here --…

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Thank you to everyone who placed a last-minute order!

The virtual doors have now been locked, and the virtual lights have been turned off. All orders placed this weekend -- including those placed within the last hour -- will be shipping Monday.

My shops will resume accepting new orders on (or about) October 01. At that time I will also become available for answering questions, and other customer service. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

There are only a few hours left to place an order before I will be closing my shops for the rest of September!

Most of my shops are already closed, so if you do need to place an order tonight, my Etsy shop and eBay store are the available venues.

Thank you!

Imagize Your World is now on Instagram!

Custom-made Velvet Chokers, Leather Cord Necklaces, Wrap Bracelets, Extender Chains, Magnetic Clasp Converters, and much more, Handmade in the U.S.A.!

My Velvet Chokers have just been upgraded!

As of April 4, I am using a heavier gauge chain, with larger links, for my velvet and other adjustable chokers. The photos provided show a sample completed 7/8 inch Velvet Choker and a close-up chain sample with size reference (U.S. Penny).

* The new chain will allow for pendants, charms and other embellishments (within reason) to be added to my chokers with no risk of the extra weight damaging the chain.


* The new chain will make it possible for me to offer some additional choker options that include heavier materials. (2-inch wide velvet and some other new options are coming soon!)

* The new chain allows me to offer all five hardware color options -- Silver Tone, Gold Tone, Gunmetal, Antique Copper and Antique Brass/Bronze -- in an identical chain style (rather than having one color be significantly different from the others).

* The new chain will allow for the chokers to be worn more tightly without risk of a sneeze or stretch breaking the chain. (But please use caution to avoid personal injury.)

* The smaller/thinner chain I previously used will still be available for those who prefer it, and are willing to accept responsibility for any breakage after delivery; simply include the request for the smaller chain with your order.

I look forward to adding many more velvet choker options in the near future!

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Imagize Your World shops are now open again (on Etsy, ArtFire, Bonanza and eBay)!

In the coming weeks and months, I hope to be opening some additional shops, as well as adding some long-awaited new and returning items.

All Imagize Your World shops (Etsy, eBay, etc.) will be CLOSED March 30 - April 18*, and I will be unavailable during that time.

If you are planning an order that you need to be filled before late April, please make sure to complete your purchase before 10 PM (Central Time) Sunday, March 29... and the earlier the better!

* The re-opening date is approximate; I will post any updates here on Facebook.

For any fellow artisans who are interested...

Maker House is an artisan-driven maker, education, and gathering space opening in downtown Tucson.

New Chokers have been listed for Independence Day! There are 7 different options to choose from.

Find them all on ArtFire here -…/s…/ImagizeYourWorld/0/0/0/patriotic

(To find them on Bonanza, Etsy or eBay, just go to my shop on that venue and enter the word "patriotic" in the shop's search bar.)

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I am finally back online and my ArtFire, Bonanza, Etsy and eBay shops are all open again! Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

In other news...
I am still in the middle of some labor-intensive updates that have been ongoing for many months. I am hoping that those will be close enough to finished by the end of the summer, that I will finally be able to start listing some NEW items I have been working on, as well as get some items that have been missing for... far too long listed again... or for the first time for some venues. (*fingers crossed*)

I am also looking forward to getting my photo albums here on Facebook updated... there are lots of new colors to add, including velvet chokers and leather cord... and many other items that have yet to be pictured at all.

... And, just a reminder that any customers who would like their own photos of their items to be added to the "Customer Photos" Album can post them to my Timeline or send them to me as an attachment in a private message or email. Whether you made a change to your item -- such as adding a pendant to a cord necklace or choker -- or just want to show off how awesome you look wearing your new jewelry or t-shirt, your photo will be a welcome addition. (If you have any questions about this, let me know.)

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My custom SHAMROCK Chokers currently have 8 different patterns to choose from!

All 8 are already available on Etsy and eBay... some are also available on ArtFire and Bonanza, and the rest should be listed on those venues by the end of this weekend. (I recommend ordering before March 8th to ensure delivery prior to the 17th.)…/custom-shamrocks-choker-st-patricks-…

This adjustable Choker will be Custom-made for you! Options are listed under the CUSTOMIZE IT! heading below. For any choice that you cannot

2012 Ordering DEADLINE:

My shops will be closing for the Christmas/New Year's holiday season on December 16 (early in the day).

To avoid disappointment, place your order on or before Saturday, Dec. 15. Payment must be received AND cleared by Dec. 16 to ensure your order can be processed and shipped prior to the holiday shutdown. (Please remember that PayPal eChecks take several business days to clear; I do NOT advise paying with a PayPal eCheck after Dec. 10.)


I expect MOST of my shops to re-open sometime between the 11th and 15th of January 2013. (My eBay store may be closed longer for some much needed maintenance.)

If you have any questions please let me know. THANK YOU for understanding and have a safe and happy holiday season.

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Imagize Your World! added a new photo to the album: Customer Photos.

This is an Imagize Your World Custom Multi-Strand Cord Necklace that was made for the Carolyn Pollack Pendant shown. The necklace has 5 strands of 2 mm Leather Cord in the following colors: Black (x2), Pacific (dark navy), Metallic Grey and Metallic Shell.

(Customer added the pendant and took the photo.)

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Imagize Your World! added 4 new photos to the album: Customer Photos.

Customer-provided photos! Did you buy a cord necklace and add a pendant or beads to it? Want to show off your new favorite T-Shirt or Mouse Pad? Just post a picture to the wall/timeline, or attach it to a message, and I'll add it to this album for you. (Named credits can be added for photos by request; for privacy reasons, I will not post customer names unless expressly asked to.)