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Jason Dowell
· March 6, 2018
Absolutely the worst Chinese food I have ever bought needless to say I could not eat it.
Bill Larrington
· July 28, 2014
Awesome food.

Loving eating light. Hopefully I won't blow away! Snow White Chicken endorsed by weight watchers!

Good day for HOT Chinese food. Ginger Chicken will warm you up today!


Good Day for Soup and an Egg Roll.. Stay warm and have a great day!

General Chicken - breaded chicken with broccoli in a slightly sweet yet spicy sauce!!

Kung Pao Beef - Sauted Beef in a brown spicy sauce, with carrot, mushroom, bamboo shoots & water chestnuts. topped with peanuts

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Asparagus is in!! Asparagus is in!! Beef, Chicken or Shrimp! Oh my!

I want to thank all of our customers for your many years of patronage. I apologize for the incovience you have suffered with our computers being down. Yes, we are open.

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Lots of Veggies!!! Come in and order your meal with or without the veggies listed on each dish. Most of our dishes come with fried rice or steamed.

Need to watch your carb intake? Order without the rice.

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From Mongolian Beef to Lemon Chicken, We have over 100 dishes for you to choose from. Something for everyone in the family. Check us out!

Lemon Chicken-sweet and tangy carrots, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, snow peas order it with breaded chicken or with white meat to keep it light.

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New Item - Pork Fried Rice only $5.39

Trivia-I was the first animals to be domesticated. In China my meat is highly esteemed that at one point an Emperor issued a decree ordering farmers to raise and breed me. Christopher Columbus introduced me to the New World, while Hernando de Soto brought me to North America. Today I have the honor of being the most popular meat in the world. Who am I?