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Aah ! Incontinence
It is not the most glamorous issue in the world–you may often hear about movie stars dying of heart attacks or cancer but never about wetting themselves. However incontinence is now a major health issue in Australia affecting nearly 5 million sufferers. In American alone there are over 30 million affected.

According to Deloittes Report on incontinence in 2010 the total cost for incontinence is $14,500 per capita


47%f of incontinence patients are under 50 years of age and 50% of the total number sufferers are unable to contract their pelvic floor muscles when given written or verbal instruction.

Data also shows those who can contract their pelvic floor the majority never go on to successfully complete a gp or physio referred program. Why?

Because they are unsure of the correct exercise to perform, they are unable to see any measureable improvement in their condition short term or many just lost the motivation to continue. So for the majority of people self-managed programs do not work.

The Kegel Exerciser resolves all these problems.
It’s a remarkable developed to improve treat and cure many people with incontinence.

I have personally witnessed very bad cases of incontinence healed after finishing the program.

Samsung Medical Centres showed 94% of all the patients had a marked improvement and an amazing 52% stated they had not experienced any incontinence following treatment.

So how does it work?

The chair measures pelvic and abdominal muscle strength with sensors in the seat .
The patient is fully clothed with no internal probes.

They are instructed what to do and can see on a screen in front of them whether or not they are moving the correct muscles.

The computer records their initial muscle strength and over the ensuing weeks on each visit they can actually see the improvement in strength recorded and as each session intensifies in difficulty they get stronger and stronger.

The treatment is one of the easiest problems to solve in healthcare today because it offers a real solution to this social stigma.

Not only can you help a lot of people but each chair can expect to generate an extremely generous income stream for your medical centre.
Whats even more amazing there are no up front costs to have the machine in a clinic-just plug it in and away you go.
They say if things sound too good to be true they probably are ,but in this case it is true.

If you would like further information add your details and we I can send you the details to your enquiry with no obligation.

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