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Frank Osborn
· June 14, 2016
Fixing the streets without tax increases is nice but how about having to creating new jobs instead of giving all the work to just a few construction companies.
Agenda make a bigger mess of our streets... and anything else while they're under construction they tear up one place and Lipitor up and go to another place and terret up thinking of three and four more sites tore off the one time they had more companies involved we get it done faster with less inconvenience to the people.
More people will be employed too that would be nice
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CarMichael McMillan
August 4, 2012
How amusing....It's None of your business America. Now 'you people' go vote for me!

It's Amuses him that 'you people' are so persistent about this. It reminds him of your pesky Occupy Movement. The l...ittle people having such nerve. How dare you? Do you not recognize those your superior?

Mitt Romney has lived his whole life keeping secrets. From his religion to his family history to the money. Everything is a secret. It's his default option when facing any issue. Unfortunately he was surprised at the aggressiveness of the request and his automatic secretive instincts kicked in. This man has a lot of secrets. He's raised to be this way. This is how his culture operates, secrets upon lies, upon secrets upon lies. I don't know how he keeps track. Is America ready for the truth. Mitt Romney knows your not ready for the truth. He's not going to give it to you. He want you to vote for him anyway.

Working to End Super pacs and the Overwhelming Influence of Money in Politics.
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Lezli Adams
· April 2, 2015
PLEase vote YES to house bill SB352
I am a reunited birth mom I found my daughter in 1999 I was NEVER promised confidentiality in any way
Thousands of people deserve this information Many states have... enacted this already Lets join them
Indiana needs to do something positive!!
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Toni Johnson
· May 12, 2016
I love being a democrat. I will always be one till the day I die!!! Go Bernie and or Hilary!!!! ❤️
Mona Gibbens
· February 18, 2016
We need same equality rights as straight people,either LGBT,BI,TRANSGENDER.HILLARY CLINTON gets voted for president,hope she is not another one who promises things and changes her mind. Thank you,M.G.G.LESBIAN
Anthony Lowe
· April 14, 2014
show me a ghetto and I will show you a democrat that runs it
Bryant Delmar
· May 21, 2014
Worthless! Thanks for the great economy...we couldn't have been here without your leadership!
Kent Love
· April 17, 2014

The GOP wants to spend more than $30,000 a day of taxpayer dollars to try to pass bills they should have prioritized during the 2018 regular session. Add your name if you’re fed up with the GOP’s inability to govern!

Despite Statehouse Republicans controlling every step of the process, they failed to complete work on time. Now taxpayers will have to foot the bill.

The remedial session is an utter waste of taxpayers' money. It's like handing out overtime to employees who chatted in the break room all afternoon.