Corrupt legal system in Woodward.

Day 3 of trial. We need prayers for strength and truth for the defendant David Yelloweagle. We need justice. He is innocent.


David's Murder trial begins tomorrow morning. God please shed justice and let this jury be open hearted. Me and David have been brothers for almost 20 years now. I know he would not ever kill anyone. Even though you are being belittled and ridiculed you stay strong, because in your heart you know what really happened. Stick to your heart bubba, I love you.

"How many times do I have to sit here and be blamed for John that died, I regret even going out with all of them drinking.. I just hope to God the Jury seeks the truth.. Because I did'nt murder him.. you know me.. Im telling the damn truth" David YellowEagle stated as he sobbed to me in a phone conversation.

Trial next month. Hope it's a fair jury with open hearts.

When will the madness discontinue. Justice in Gods house will prevail.

I'ma get out one day. N' Show everyone the respectful man I will become. -David

My heart aches for David Yelloweagle. Having to sit in a prison cell, 23 hr. lock down. Thinking about this up comming trial. I wonder what goes through his head at night alone, as he lies there in silence listening to the hum of the floresent lights. Knowing he can't see his woman, his friends, and even his little brothers, dad, and mom. The only thing to look foward to is this match against the jury for his life. 2 years have gone by, just laying all alone, trying to keep it together, with the thought of walking as a free man one last time is what keeps him sane. Please dear God. We beg for a fair jury trial.

''I'll stand and fight for what's right until hell freezes over'' - David YellowEagle.

“Power is no blessing in itself, except when it is used to protect the innocent.”

''"I wish the community would see me for who I am, not for who I used to be. I really didn't do it this time brother, please help me."" - David YellowEagle, during a recent phone call.

An Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation insider has accused the agency of "incompetence, laziness and fraud" in its handling of homicide cases, use of federal funds and publication of crime clearance rates.

He says the agency has allowed murder suspects -- linked to crimes by DNA, witnesses and other evidence -- to wander free.

And he describes OSBI as an agency at war with itself, rife with internal distrust and conflict between field agents and laboratory workers.


Kyle Eastridge, a veteran Oklahoma City police homicide detective, was hired by OSBI as a cold case investigator in January. He resigned July 15.


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July 25--Editor's Note: This story is part one of a three-part series examining the operations of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. It is a joint project of The Oklahoman and the Tulsa World.Copyright 2010, The OklahomanAn Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation insider has accused the ...

How can someone snitch when they didn't do the crime period? I know it's hard for jon's family.

In God's eyes, justice will be served. To each individual involved. People should'nt get away because they lie and snitch. This case needs to be taken out of woodward!