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To learn more about me, my coaching and anti-aging practice, watch this short video. I want to thank Matt Biondi and BiondiMedia for putting it together for me!
We will be launching a new and exciting program within the next week! It is called Scan America. Our company has the only device available to measure, non-invasively the antioxidant activity in your cells. It is Nobel Prize winning technology that has been referred to as the ultimate nutritional lie detector. Do you know if you are eating enough fruits and vegetables? If you take supplements, do you know if they are absorbing into your body or just being literally flushed through your system? Check out the short video below and contact us for your opportunity to get scanned. If you live outside of the Seattle area, we can assist you in finding a scanner near you. Don't miss this opportunity to get scanned!
Healthy Choices at Legacy Caring Luncheon

Working on a future group program that I will be offering in April. I have my support team here and ready to go! What would I do without them?!

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January 24
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Great article!

Terrific turmeric drinks: Heal, cleanse and detoxify your body and liver!

Local friends! I would like to invite you to join me at the opening celebration of Studio 9 in Mountlake Terrace, Wa. I have joined forces with Balanced Beginnings and we are very excited to share in this celebration with you! Come and meet our practitioners and learn about all the good things happening in our beautiful space. Hope to see you there!

Wed 5:00 PM PST22002 64th Ave W, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043-2514, United States
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Veggie Prep for a successful week! #VeggiePrep #TimeSavingTip

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Spent 8 hours at a TRX Training class yesterday! What a great experience! Guess what is in the very near future for my clients?! Yup! TRX!

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I had a wonderful time providing the food for LegacyCaring's luncheon yesterday. Doing my best to give people Healthy Choices as well as some of the favorite staple items is so rewarding. Offering Gluten Free as well as Organic/non-GMO options. Your body will age based on what food you give it. Providing the body whole foods that are nutrient dense, give it the opportunity to perform at its best!

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When I think of Anti-Aging, I think of how we can help our bodies age "well" from the inside out. Dehydration can not only make your skin dry and itchy, it can cause chronic issues as well such as Dry Eye. Do you suffer from Dry Eye? Take a moment to read this short blog. A few more glasses of water and some fresh whole foods added to your diet will help!…/how-to-treat-dry-eye-disease…/…

One of the most common eye disorders, dry eye disease, causes irritation or discomfort, and can decrease functional vision, sometimes causing a dramatic de

Some of you may know thatI have been working on a book with my collegeau, Ingrid Lauw. Well, we are getting closer and closer to a publishing day! #YourPersonalJourneywithFood

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Your Personal Journey with Food

Oh my! The book is getting closer and closer! #YourPersonalJourneywithFood

Exciting news is coming from Innovations In Anti-Aging, LLC and Balanced Beginnings! What could it be?

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Spending 4 days with Fitness Professionals from around the world, at the National Academy of Sports Medicine conference! Can't wait to bring back all that I learn and put it into action for my clients! #NASM #Wellness

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This morning I realized I forgot to share an amazing achievement by my client Robin! Please read her moving statement below. She wrote this the evening before attempting something that scared her, something that would push her beyond what she could ever think of doing. She was afraid she could not climb the steps of the Space Needle. BUT was determined and trained for it! Well, by the end of the day..... she had done it TWICE! Are you ready to move through your fears? Ready t...o get strong? Ready to feel better and live with vitality and push yourself to the life you dream of? Why not take a chance and reach out to me? I offer a 50-minute complimentary "Health Discovery Session." You might just learn you can change your life like Robin has!

"A little under a year ago, I realized I'd basically spent two weeks quietly panicking about not being able to keep up with four guys getting to upper deck seats for an upcoming Huskies game. I finally said "Enough! Pentland, you are 38 and it's time."

That decision, then reaching out to Tracy Cromwell for her amazing coaching work, enabled me to make some really big *steps* towards a much more healthy next 38 years. Within our other work, I included six flights of stairs in my six months goals.

Jump to tomorrow: 65 lbs lighter, I'll take on 52 flights up to the top of the Space Needle. Me, my dear Jeffrey, Tracy and David. I could not possibly have three more supportive people on my team. I've haven't had as many high-fives in my life as I've had in the past three weeks of group training. 🙌🏻

And then, besides the fact that we're doing the climb, you've helped us raise over $1,500 toward cancer research. I'm just beyond words at that. That's more money than I could give. And a little goal and dream ended up making that happen.

I'm terrified. I'm proud. I'm honored. I'm determined. I'm loved. I'm happy.

Tomorrow means so much to me. Thank you for your support and prayers and love. Thank you for believing every *step* of the way."

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The benefits of cooking ahead? You don't have to try to cook a homemade meal when you are tired. #CookOnce #TooTiredToCook #IntegrativeNutritionHealthCoach #TracyCromwell #PersonalTrainer

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Your Personal Journey with Food

Don't feel like cooking tonight? Here's the benefit of cooking meals ahead! #YourPersonalJourneywithFood #CookOnce #tootiredtocook Tracy Schroeder Cromwell