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Need a lot of postcards in a hurry? Instant Postcard Collection is your best source for low-cost postcards for your political campaign. These are authentic postcards, having extra dimensions of interest, sometimes as historical documents, local views, or perhaps depicting topics thematically aligned with your campaign. And these postcards are pretty much all different. Your grass roots won't be mistaken for astroturf.

Cards start at $10 for 100, plus shipping.

Interested in postcards, or other old bits of ephemera? Add a quick note, or "like" us, especially you Portland, Oregon folks! Thanks!

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The Dollar Scholar is, sadly, gone forever, victim of rising rents and small business burnout.

But the opportunity still exists. We're hoping to re-create a bit of that retail magic at one or more locations in the Portland, Oregon area. For the Dollar Scholar store, we supplied a beautiful rotating wire rack holding 5000 vintage postcards sorted into more than 50 categories, leading to solid daily sales and attracting new shoppers to the store. On a $/square foot basis, sor...ted vintage postcards were among their top performers.

The same thing might work for your small business. Cafes, bookstores, dollar stores, thrift stores, general stores that might also sell stationery, any store that caters to tourists, any of these would be good candidates for a vintage postcard rack from Instant Postcard Collection. Like other card racks, all cards are in new or like-new condition, and ready to send (or keep). Unlike other card racks, nearly all the cards are different, meaning that customers may well linger, buying 10, 20, or more cards at a time. And since they are sorted into different categories (including, for instance, Oregon Coast, Cats, Horses, Airplanes, Presidents, Grand Canyon, Michigan, Amsterdam, etc...), well, there's something for everyone, and the finding is easy and fun.

We tailor the rack(s) and the mix of categories based on your preferences (need more cards of Greece and Italy to sell at your deli? postcards of deer to coincide with the start of hunting season? etc) . We periodically re-stock and update categories. All you do is provide floor space (4 square feet?) and take money from customers.

If you think you'd like to convert 4 square feet of your store into a money-making vintage postcard kiosk, please drop us a line. We'd love to have the chance to see if we can make it work for you too.

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very good bookstore in east portland

Best Prices. Great Variety, Friendliest Staff, Killer Atmosphere book store!