Management Development Program (MDP), IBA, University of Dhaka, gladly announces the launching of its 5 (five) Two-Day (Weekend) courses

Applications are now being invited for admission into the six week LCMC certificate program

MBA Admission Test, 54 Batch (Full Time) will be held on Friday, May 29, 2015 at 10:00 am

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IBA has just won the IUT's National Debate Tournament 2010! Congratulations to the participants Abir and Gaushey who were also the top 2 speakers at the competition

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IBA just won the 3rd Citi Financial Quiz Competition!! Congratulations to all the participants!

beware of other lame pages on Facebook posing as IBA........every IBA-ite knows his/her home just by looking at this profile pic and the community built here

will the world cup fever grip IBA, or has it been gripped already? who r u supporting? give ur thoughts here

IBA wins SILVER in Marketing Agencies Association Worldwide (MAA) 2009