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Dealing with Internet Explorer 10 issues on Windows 7 -


Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 available for download now. Both x86/x64 versions available across 95 languages.

Requirements: Windows 7 Service Pack 1

Download the latest version of Internet Explorer. See what's new, get help, and learn more about the browser.

Though not confirmed, Microsoft's most ambitious project 'Windows 8' set to release on 26th October, 2012.

Internet Explorer 10 'Desktop' and 'Metro UI' version in Windows 8 Release Preview features in-built Flash plugin, Do Not Track and a speed which is even faster than Google Chrome.

Did you spot the new features in IE 10 which got released in the Windows 8 Release Preview ?

Overview of Internet Explorer 10 New Features -

From Microsoft's BUILD Conference. As BUILD conference continues, here are some of the screenshots we took during the Internet Explor

For the moment, Internet Explorer 10 Metro will not support Flash, Silverlight.

Sep. 15, 2011 - With the unveiling of Windows 8 earlier this week at the Build conference, Microsoft officially introduced the Metro-style interface. As well as being a new

HTML 5 drag and drop in Internet Explorer 10 -

Drag and drop is a user interaction model that we all use on a day to day basis, probably without giving it much thought. We drag files from one folder to another, text from one area of a document to another, and PowerPoint slides from one place in the presentation to another. ...

So anybody has tried out the Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview? Share your experiences in this thread.

You can stay in touch with the latest news, feature releases & demonstrations over the official Internet Explorer 10 blog Here [ ].

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More on Internet Explorer 10 PP2 ...

At MIX11 Microsoft promised that there would be new Platform Preview releases of Internet Explorer 10 every 12 weeks or so. It's a slightly slower cadence than IE9, but one that makes sense when you consider how closely tied IE10's...

Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 2 is now available for download and review. You will need Windows 7.

Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 1 is currently under offering, anybody trying the same ? If not, download it Here […/Info/Downloads/Default.html ].

Download the Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 1

Some more features known about Internet Explorer 10:

- Even better native support for Graphics from the OS
- More CSS3 and HTML5 enhancements with new controls, layouts
- The FINAL build won't run on Vista, just Windows 7 & 8

Internet Explorer 10 features unveiled.

IE 9 may be the shortest version of Microsoft till date with IE 10 already looming large. Microsoft plans to ship IE 10 Final bundled with Windows 8 which is set to release in 2012 end.