Isaac Air Freight Promo Video - 1985

Garry Shandling, with his show "The Larry Shandling Show" absolutely ushered in the "Golden Age" of television.
What a creative, innovative and influential comedian. Only met him once, but he seemed very kind and sincere.…/la-et-st-garry-shandling-appreciat…

Garry Shandling has died, Thursday in Los Angeles at the ridiculous age of 66. And while his death seems the very definition of "unexpected," I like to think, based on what I knew of him, first- or secondhand, that he was ready for it, on the deeper level where he seemed to like to live.

Happy 94th to the actor known as Alan Brady on his creation The Dick Van Dyke Show .... Carl Reiner!!!
When I saw the Dick Van Dyke show as a kid, I caught a glimpse of my life's pursuit... to work in comedy, to work in TV and to marry a perky brunette. Thank you Lord for all 3!

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I am excited and honored to let you know that I have accepted the position of CEO of Mastermedia International. For over 30 years, the mission of MMI, led by founder Dr. Larry Poland, has been to be an up-lifting presence of Christian faith to the leaders of Hollywood and New York’s film and television communities. As I assume this role, I’m excited not only to continue this work, but also to serve the emerging generation of cinematic storytellers, created by the digital revolution.
Thank you all for your friendship and appreciate your prayers.

Mastermedia International, a non-profit consulting firm that helps connect Hollywood with Christian evangelical consumers, is undergoing a leadership transition with the appointment of Dan Rupple t...

I had no idea that this was the original version and lyrics to Fun,Fun,Fun. So glad that Brian Wilson kept writing

Is there anything more fun, fun, fun than a hamburger stand? The Beach Boys don't think so. Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Bacon parodied the rock band's song "Fun, Fun, Fun" on Friday by showing what the "first

Some saw Isaac Air Freight as weird, but fortunately the majority of you saw our world in a different (Kingdom) light.

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(Maranatha! Music 1984)
Comedy Odyssey
Are You A Fool?...
Generic Phone Company
Spouse’s Super Bowl
Ed Herman’s Talk Radio
What’s Gospel To You?
Leave It To Squirrellie (Stuck With Eddie)

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Isaac Air Freight added a new photo.
July 4, 2015
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PICK OF THE LITTER - The Best Of Isaac Air Freight
(Maranatha! Music 1983)
Jerusalem Dragnet (excerpt)
Jerusalem Dragnet II (excerpt)...
Crazy Christians
Leave It To Squirrellie (excerpt)
Let’s Trade Your Salvation
E.F. Bullish
Bible Junkie
Prodigal Joe (excerpt)
The Day After Tomorrow Show
777 Pearly Gates
Specs O’Keefe In The Case Of The Missing First Love (excerpt)
Demons Dilemma
The Last World Series Report
King Me – The Third Encounter

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The 100 Top Movie Lines of All Time! Are your favorites on the list? What's missing?…/cinefix_s_top_100_lines_in_movie_his…

The folks at CineFix usually pepper their work with choice insights and erudite commentary, but their latest video forgoes the analysis for a good, old-fashioned, no-frills compilation of cool movie quotes. Specifically, the 100 most iconic ones in history. That’s a bold claim, but this isn’t a rank…

With David Letterman ending his show after 30+ years, I spent the morning chatting with some of my wonderfully talented, kind friends on the Late Show staff back in New York. I had the pleasure and honor to help produce all of the shows that Dave did on the West Coast (LA & SF) as well as the many remote segments (ie. Biff Henderson at the Grammy’s, Dave’s Mom at the Olympics and Mandy Patinkin singing college fight songs in the shower). Here are my…
Top 10 Memories from Th...

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1st rule I teach my comedy writing students:
In the beginning, everythings FUNNY!
Don't edit yourself too soon.

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ALBUM # 5 - My Kingdom Come...Thy Kingdom Come
(Maranatha! Music 1982)
King Me – The First Encounter
That’s Ridiculous
The Happy Family...
P & R Lucre Tithe Service
King Me – The Second Encounter
Big George, little “g”
King Me – The Third Encounter

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of being a guest on CONTEXT with Lorna Dueck. Context is a TV show produced in Toronto, Canada, so I was satellited in from an Orange County Studio. The episode was on COMEDY and the guests were Tom Shadyak (Director of Bruce Almighty), some unknown comic named Jim Gaffigan and me. Here's a few behind the scenes pics. w/ Dan Rupple

ALBUM #4 - Snooze Ya Looze
(Maranatha! Music 1981)
People Say The Darndest Things
Leave It To Squirrellie
Time Wasters Looks At TV...
Pilgrim Race
Specs O’Keefe In The Case Of The Missing First Love

This album was a compilation of the best of and extended versions from our radio show...The Isaac Air Show. Only 5 tracks because Specs O'Keefe took up almost a whole side (vinyl days, remember) and Squirrellie took up a lot of side one too.

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One of my greatest comedy influences and certainly the primary inspiration for the comedy style of Isaac Air Freight was Stan Freberg. I first began listening to his records when I was about 10 years old. Soon I had every sketch, every record memorized. Freberg's most popular sketch was his 1953 Dragnet parody, St. George and the Dragonet...later the template for the Isaac Air Freight sketch Jerusalem Dragnet. In 1988, I had the pleasure of having Stan Freberg as a guest on the radio show I hosted with my life-long friend, Bob Bennett. He was a great guest and wonderful Christian man. As this article says, his unique style of parody set the course for what later became Saturday Night Live. God bless Stan Freberg.…/la-me-stan-freberg-20150407-story.…

Stan Freberg, the maverick creative genius who turned out groundbreaking comedy parody records in the 1950s and then became known as “the father of the funny commercial” for his off-the-wall approach to selling everything from chow mein to prunes, has died. He was 88.

Every year, 1st thing Easter morning, I play the Easter Song by Keith Green. Wonderful song of celebration. Happy Easter everyone!

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