Hugely excited about this! The cover for Seven Veils has been ordered from the insanely talented Anna at Cover Couture. It won't be ready until the end of March but that gives me plenty of time to finish the edit. I'm so excited to share Kaet's story with you all!! #ComingSoon #SevenVeils #CoverCouture #ThatTeaserTho

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My thoughts are with everyone in Germany today. I've been to the Christmas markets there many times, including the ones in Berlin and the one where the attack took place. They're markets full of joy and love and good cheer and they're close to my heart. Don't let this harden your hearts. Grieve, but do not forget to love. Weep, but do not ignore the small joys that try to surge up through the sorrows. Love always wins.


And the echoes of you
Soundless and searing
Float halfway between cosmos and ocean
A black hole that used to be a supernova
So let’s be stardust, starflung together
Because Galileo got it right
I have loved the stars too fondly
To be fearful of the night

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I haven't read any of Suanne's books but I've been told she's awesome! Her new one sounds really cool so check it out

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Suanne Laqueur, Author

From the author of the Fish Tales comes a new novel about the price of love. Across three decades and two continents, An Exaltation of Larks explores the crossing paths of a married couple and a male escort, and how their intense attraction turns to exaltation.

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“Why are you looking at me like that?” She asked eventually and he winced. Without saying anything, he pointed to some framed objects on the wall. There was a concert poster and a platinum record display. Noelle recognised the poster. She didn’t know anyone who wouldn’t. The image showed the elaborately tattooed back of a man vilified by most of the nation, but adored by teenagers the world over. “Gabriel, I don’t...” She turned to look at him and the words trailed off as her jaw dropped. He had his back to her and he had removed his sweater. Intricate angel wings were tattooed the length of his torso. “No.” She whispered, everything crashing into place with crystal clarity. “Tell me you’re not him.” She backed up. “Gabriel? Tell me you’re not him, you’re not Darkness Falls.”

Get Foxes new album which features Body Talk, Better Love and Amazing: iTunes - Amazon - http:/...

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When I emerged, Otis Redding was playing softly on the sound system and Levi was laughing quietly at something Mannie had said, the soft lighting making them both look warm and inviting.

These Arms of Mine by Otis Redding from the album Blues Brothers and Soul Sisters Released 2015-03-06 on Not Now Music Download on iTunes: https://geo.itunes...


“I know.” I recaptured his mouth as he slid home and we moved together, connected at both ends in a perfect circle of lust and love, yin and yang of what we wanted against what we needed. It was a languorous loving, a gentle tidal surging of two waves crashing back and forth between us until we rolled over the shore and collapsed together.
“Don’t ever scare me like that again.” He murmured against my ear as I tried to catch my breath and I didn’t have to ask to know what he was referring to.
“I trust you to protect me.” And I did.

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“In the heat of the moment you take the sensation where you can get it and it’s about the pleasure, not the person.”
“I see.” I didn’t really see at all but I was getting flustered and the conversation was veering off into dangerous territory. Any second now…three…two…one…
“We can always go for round two if you really want to see the mechanics of it.” Slam dunk. Five points to Kaet....
“You always have to try it, don’t you?” I was exasperated with him, but amused too.
“I can’t help it if I want to know what other kinky fantasies you have lurking latently underneath that butter wouldn’t melt exterior.” He smirked. “You blew me away with the last one.”

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Getting all romantic up in here!!! #LightningAndEarth #SevenVeils

These were my favourite moments with him, not the crazy breathlessness of our lovemaking or the geeky nerdgasming around museums, but the moments where we were just silently enjoying each others’ company after a good meal with a buzz of red wine humming through us. He was a strong, warm wall that curved around me and within the circle of his arms it felt like the outside world could never hurt me. We were always connected, with fingers linked together or a hand on my arm or thigh. He grounded me, as though he were my lightning and my earth all at once.

Look what arrived in the post today! Hand carved bone angel wing earrings Wonder who these will remind you of...

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I had flopped dreamily back onto the sheets, my skin suddenly feeling over-sensitised and feverish. “I’m fine.” I smiled reassuringly and he frowned, setting the pill aside to press concerned fingers to my forehead.
“You don’t look fine.”
“I’m just…” I arched my back, feeling tight all of a sudden, like an internal wire was stretching taut between my heart and core. “This dress. It’s too much.”
I could hear shouting on the other end of the phone but Levi couldn’t take his from me as I dragged the clinging fabric over my head and tossed it aside, sprawling with relief onto the bed sheets. A sense of power curled lazily through my body when I noticed his gaze. He was utterly mine to command and we both knew it.
“Manfred, you need to figure out what this is and fast.” Levi dragged his eyes away from my provocative writhing on the bed and described the pill to Mannie, along with my symptoms as he perceived them. It felt like my entire body was rushing headlong into something I couldn’t fathom, like the build up to a sneeze that never came. The juncture of my thighs felt liquid with heat and my nipples felt so sensitive that my bra started to hurt. I was struggling to take it off when Levi put the phone on speakerphone and tossed it onto the bed, trying to hold me together.

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Such desperately sad news from Brussels this morning. Hope all of you are safe and well. Check in if you can. I'm thinking of you.

I'm not normally one to preach but there is something I need to say. This isn't going to stop happening. This is the shape of our world now. You can't kill an idea or an ideology without destroying the faction that promotes it and Daesh are too insidiously entrenched within innocent populations to make that a possibility. It's a vicious cycle of v...

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There's a great event going on right now. Lots of amazing swag and books from dozens of authors. Check it out here:

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Absolutely furious!! Some utter bastard has downloaded and then refunded every single Darkness Falls book over the last 2 weeks. How do these people sleep at night and why on earth does Amazon let them get away with it?? So angry right now. To put it in context - those were my ONLY sales in the USA so far this month. Whoever you are, I hope you're ashamed of yourself.

I think this is going to be a crazy long book. Just passed the 60k words mark and it feels like the story isn't even half done. #SevenVeils

Guess what we're doing?! #Christmas

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Did you guys know there's an entire museum in London dedicated to fans?? Some of them are beautiful but it's still an odd subject for a museum lol