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Those of you that stay up on the happenings at J & J know that Mort the Mystifying and Assistant Donna came to pick up a new bunny performer. They emailed today and stated that Lucky, II, had his debut performance and did great. If you get the opportunity check them out at

Birmingham, Alabama, Magicians Mort The Mystifying and Donna offer fun-filled entertainment for birthday parties and special events.

The new Rabbitry is Finished! Beautiful... One of 5 buildings down. Now for the hard part. Moving cages in, moving residents in.....Worth the sleepless nights it caused (not to mention the spats over everything). Next 4 will be completed by November we hope! Will be posting pictures along of the progress. Check out our website.

rabbit breeders of pet and meat breeds, rabbit rescue

I had the opportunity to meet another spinner this morning and we had a great time. She came up from Tampa to get some of our Angora babies. Was a great visit. We are soon to start a group discussion on the topic.

The first building in the series of 5 will be completed on Tuesday! Then the hard part cages, moving bunnies, etc...

Too hot!!!! Trying to keep rabbits cool. Fighting losing battle. New temperature controled building being constructed so we will not have to do this again!