Jesus is the Lord . period! !

Even this year make Jesus the source of everything concerning u n u shall hv a superb year*


this is your time to act

People will hate you with speculations whilst God loves you with Evidence. He loves u.

God wil always provide

if Jesus is de source of evrytin in ur lyf,de4 u shal hav profit in evrytin u do.

God wants us to grow frm faith to faith

i hav discovd dat most men ar intimidatd by the women wo ar rich or wealthy,we say if u mary dem ul liv in heaven but goin to reason is bcos we ar not wokin as God has instructed us, we think havin a job is wokin.

the entrance of the word of God givs lyt

the shal be shower of blessings in u'r lyf.hold on! Jesus is de source

Jesus is de same yestaday,today nd forever.nd he who belive in Him wil reciv enternal life.

knowledge pufeth up.but charity edifys.

God's love is so might dat we dnt hav to wory about God in al dat u do nd lean not on ur own knowledge.

God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly and above all that we can ask or think. He is jst waiting for u my friend

God is able to make grace to be abundnt to wads u.for He wo has mercy on u shal lead u.

The Egyptians that u see now, u wont see them anymore. its tym to bid ur pains, hurts, problems, sickness and infermities FAREWELL. they will never return to u ever again in Jesus S Mighty name. AMEN

the devil might have taken everything from you. but don't let him take Ur JOY. Rejoice in the Lord irrespective of what you are going through. i say again REJOICE

de only person dat God wants to bless is get ready! Get ready