We're thankful for all of you! From us here at JJB, we wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving

Here's a great review from a first-time customer who installed one of our Prestige-220 pickups in his 1972 Guild F-50 jumbo!

I could not be happier with the performance and tone. It took a bit of tweaking with the various amps I tried it out on, but each one delivered, for the first time since 1972, a wonderful, warm and accurate sound, getting very close amplified to what I hear unplugged when I play this guitar.

Thru 2 different guitar amps, it needed no pre amp and was of delivering a nice acoustic tone at VOLUME. It doesnt sound like a guitar with a pickup slapped in it. No wires are hanging, nothing is clamped onto the to the top that will prevent it from resonating as it should when played unplugged. No feedback from the Jumbo body, NONE.
No frets are unuseable due to interference from a sound hole pickup that is too tall. It doesnt sound like a humbucker. It doesnt sound like a single coil. It doesnt sound like a pickup. It sounds like my guitar, for the first time ever, plugged in. Cool.

Tried it in my acoustasonic, which I use for solo gigs. It needed a little help with that one to achieve gig volume from my Fish & Chips EQ with a 12 db boost to help it hit the amp hard enuf to sound right. But once I boosted it a little, I had plenty of volume and it sounded very right on. Again, no feedback, humming, dead battery or any of the other issues this guitar has suffered over 45 years.

This will probably be the best $40 I spent all year. I am thrilled with the result, the tone, and the whole deal. I am GLOWING. Thanks, really. Thanks.
Bob Ring

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TODAY ONLY!! 10/15/2017

Buy any one of our products at our low retail price and receive 50% off of a second item of equal or lesser value!


How to redeem...
1. Like our Facebook page.
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4. We will send you a checkout link for the second item via email.
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Please note that the J2 preamp is excluded from the 50% discount. It CAN be used as the first item at full retail price.

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Check out this audio sample of our Prestige-430c! This was sent to us by Enderson Medeiros, a great customer from Brazil!

Violão do luthier Alexandre Barcelos, com captação importada da JJB Prestige 430c especifica para violão clássico. Violão foi gravado na Apogee Jam usando Ip...

We finally made it to 1000 likes! Thank you all for your continued support! You guys are awesome

A little known fact that we probably don't mention often enough..

The specially formulated potting (rubberized coating) that is applied to our transducers "stiffens" them up just enough to cut the likelihood of feedback down to almost impossible, yet the consistency of the material used in this process allows the transducers to still pick up a significant amount of resonance from the soundboard. Nobody else does this quite like we do and that is where we have a leg up on the other guys. In fact, we actually developed this coating. It cannot be found anywhere else on the planet! 9 times out of 10, any cases of feedback or any other unwanted noise can be attributed to a compatibility issue with other gear that is used, also rare. You literally have to "try" to create feedback!

Here's a review that one of our great customers took the time to write about our Prestige-330!


Installed your 15 mm JJB-330 Prestige pickup in my Big Baby Taylor yesterday morning. Process was very straightforward: I removed the bottom strap button, grabbed a Unibit that drills up to 12 mm and widened the hole, used some headphones to pull the jack/strap button through and adjusted the nut on it so it comes out at the proper distance, then screwed the rest of the hard...

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Rob DiStefano from Fret Tech (and Cavalier pickups) was kind enough to put together a great tutorial for installing our Prestige-220 system in a mandolin! Rob is a very well respected electric guitar pickup builder, blogger, Luthier, guitar tech, and all around guru of all things related to stringed instruments! I'm sure many will find this useful.

We are thrilled to announce that Tracy Cox from Inlay Design Studios is going to be offering our systems for installs as well as an optional upgrade to their custom guitars! Check them out. They do some impressive work!

We were experiencing some technical difficulties with our website. They have been resolved and we are back up and running. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Some great feedback posted to the acoustic guitar forums about one of our 330 systems. Keep it coming people! This really is what keeps us going!

Last night I played with a pickup for the very first time: a Prestige 330 (a passive set of three bridge-plate piezo transducers, thoroughly reviewed on this site) in my Martin dread.

I paid the outrageously cheap $50 to JJB electronics, and $40 to a local luthier to be the one to take a drill to my baby.


I was totally unprepared for what a change this was to my stage experience, compared to using a mic. This place I was at, when crowded, holds at most 100 people, and it isn't usually crowded. So this is small. But it's also noisy: they are here for the beer.

With this passive pickup straight to the soundboard, my gentle fingerstyle was transferred to the room like it transfers at home to my livingroom, with access to the full range from gentle hammer-ons to moderate strumming: I am never a loud player.

The bass is strong on both the Prestige 330 and its higher-priced brother, the K&K Mini: a great feature if your guitar lacks warmth or boom. The engineer adjusted the bass down a touch right up front, and I was pleased with the balanced, full and natural sound.

I walked off last night wanting more. More time. The audience? Yeah, I don't know about that. But I got more positive response between songs than ever before and multiple compliments as I put the guitar away. Money well spent, my friends.

Preamp in my future? Maybe, sure. But not unless I get to where I am playing a diversity of settings where I never know what I might get, and I have to be ready. That isn't my reality today. My reality today is that this passive pickup just radically altered my enjoyment levels -- already high -- when playing my so-happy guitar to my almost comprehensively sad songs.

Yay, life!…

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First night out with my Prestige 330 pickup. Wow! Acoustic Amplification

We've been the exclusive pickup builder for Kaizen Steel Tongue drums for quite some time. If you order one of their drums (you should), and choose the optional pickup system, you will be getting a custom built system by JJB. Check them out. They make some really nice stuff!

Welcome to Kaizen Steel Tongue Drums. We make high quality steel drums with hand cut tongues for superior sound quality. Our drums are in house Powder Coated for lasting durability.

We would like to wish a very happy Thanksgiving to all of our customers in the USA! We also have some great news today. We are very excited to announce that we have (finally) added the option to upgrade any of our Artist series systems with a discreet soundhole mounted volume control!

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When industrial art meets musical instrument, you get the Bellcycle. We are proud to announce that we will be building the custom electronics for this piece! Check it out!

The artists name is Willo Chapman, from ID.

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We are very proud to say that we have been building pickups for Jason Van Pelt from VP percussion exclusively, for quite some time. They REALLY put out an impressive product! Check them out! They are more than just a stompbox!

From Jason himself..
The Vbox acoustic stomp box is designed to sound just like a full size kick drum. It also has a secondary chamber for an alternate snare sound. In addition to all of that the tops actually resonate so you can pick it up and play it... with your hands. The bottom resonates as well to give a higher pitched bongo-like tone. The unique shape of the chambers also allows you to get multiple tones based on where you play it (more like a djembe). It is designed to be versatile and very cool! The patent pending design is the only thing of its kind.

"Innovative Instruments for People Who are Going Places."

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