time to park a new trailer on this here hitch for "jackass presents: bad grandpa .5"... own it on digital HD june 3!
Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa - Movie Spot
Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa - Movie Spot

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What happens when you combine #ValentinesDay with #WildboyzWednesday? Some damn sexy arithmetic, that's what.

did you blink? because a decade just went by...

Today on the blog: Believe it or not, 10 years ago Johnny Knoxville broke his penis in a motorbike stunt gone wrong—so wrong!

Unlike pigs, time does fly; or, unlike Travis Pastrana, Johnny Knoxville does not backflip. Yes, unbelievable though it may seem, 10 years ago, maybe not to the day but close enough for idiomatic horseshoes and hand grenades purposes, our fearless leader rose to the Evel Knievel occasion and, well,....

Did you check out Ultimate Expedition last night on the YouTubes? It’s the latest place you can find Steve-O (and Jukka Hilden, too, of course, but maybe you should just click the link to learn the more).

Today on the blog: Rick Kosick gets the skinny from Jukka Hilden on his move to the US of A, the house party origins of The Dudesons, and tonight's premiere of Ultimate Expedition on YouTube Red.

Do you to the YouTubes? If so, be sure to check out Jukka's new show Ultimate Expedition, debuting today on the YouTube Red label (not to be confused with John Lucero's Black Label). But that's just part of what you can read below, where Rick Kosick went into the depths...

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It's Monday and you're at a cyber loss. You need something to put some heat back on that credit card. You have a sudden and uncontrollable desire to consume what we have to offer. In the almighty words of John Carpenter (not Frank Fairey) "OBEY."

Greetings! Seasonally speaking, that is, because we're here to help fan the flames that fuel the economy with a few gifty (and perhaps even thrifty!) ideas for your friends, family, loved ones, and any other sentient lifeforms you deem worthy of presenting a present. For the most part these items...

Dental damn! Cast your vote…

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Happy Thanksgiffing! Here's a fun little twofurkey to pass the tryptophan time… who broke it best: Ehren Mcghehey then or Johnny Knoxville now?

The perks and fun of being a fan...

Today on the blog: An interview with Jackass fan artist Jericho Vilar.

Kosick: Who are you? Jericho: My name is Jericho Vilar. I’m just an average artist that has never done anything outside of Instagram, to be perfectly honest. Where are you from? I was originally born in the Philippines, but I grew up in Glendale, California. I relocated to Santa Ana...

if you're gonna be dumb, you better be tough and read this all-new interview with rog'!

As promised last Friday, we were waiting on a few last things to present this latest interview on our lil' blog: a real hoot of a chat between Rick Kosick and our good ole pal Official Roger Alan Wade.

Today on the blog, Rick Kosick talks to one of our personal favorites: Roger Alan Wade, a man who needs no real introduction if you're a lifer in the lore of jackass. If you don't know Rog, well hell, then you're in for a real treat of a kick in...

From the little TV show that no longer could to the movie that could do anything… Johnny Knoxville and the boys share their memories from 15 years ago on VICE UK.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the most legendary stunt film of all time, we spoke to everyone involved.

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when jackass first came together it was like voltron... now see where one of those pieces was manufactured and assembled.

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Posted by VICELAND

How Spike Jonze went from skater to filmmaker.
EPICLY LATER'D. Wednesday 10pm.

So you think you know your Bam Margera history, do you? Well, let the record be recorded now thanks to @viceland…

Bam Margera, legendary pro skater and star of Jackass, struggles to overcome substance abuse and the loss of his best friend as he works to make a return to ...

But seriously folks... who did wear it best?

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Who wore it best? (Also, I can't take full credit for this comparison chart as it was inspired by an Instagram post of Wee-Man's before his side-by-side of Danger Ehren vs. Bert from Sesame Street disappeared for unexplained reasons.)

Catch up with Bam Margera via this new interview posted on Gorilla Flicks:

This past summer, Bam Margera came down to Tremaine’s lake house and spent a few days lake lifing. During that time, Kosick asked him if he’d be up for an interview and here’s the final answer: an interview! Consider this an hors d’oeuvre to the forthcoming Epicly Later’d featuring a...