Lord Hanuman tells Lord Rama: "when I think of myself as a body, I am your servant; when I think of myself as an individual soul, I am part of you; but when I realize I am atman, you and I become one." ...Ramayana

Jai bajrang bali


God is invincible power, the more you search, more will be your faith in him.

Trust is a peculiar resource; it is built rather than depleted by use.

Jai bajrang bali

Be free from fear. Be fearless and have faith in the divine....

Bhagwad Gita

When nails grow long, we cut nails not fingers. Similarly when misunderstanding grow up, cut your ego, not your relationship..... Jai Bajrang Bali

A simple way to remove fear is to seek knowledge and understanding.... Jai Bajrang Bali

Jai Bajrang Bali......

The only way to gain respect is firstly to give it........!!! Jai Bajrang Bali

To fear death means that you do not understand the importance of life...

To taste the sweetness of life, you must have the power to forget the past....

A man is great by deeds, not by birth.

God is invincible power, the more you search, more becomes your faith in him.

Life is Beautiful .... !!!!

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life....