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Brotherly love from our buddy Zach, who's been touring with the Mosaic Foundation out of Rochester NY. Their vocalist might need to hop in the studio with us one of these days. Big love right back atcha boy.

We've waited long enough. You waited long enough.

We are extremely excited to announce that we're headed back to the stage in less than a month! Join us for 2 nights of shenanigans as we'll be performing on March 10 at Waterworks Food + Drink in Winooski and then heading to downtown Burlington on March 11 to play at the Radio Bean late night.

Not only are we scheduling future events but we have crested the half way point on a new record. More word on that as it develops...

It's been way too long since the 5 of us have been on a stage together. We will be fixing that. Stay tuned...


Let's here it for our fellas Willverine and The DuPont Brothers for making this list of best songs from Vermont in 2016. Will and Zack bust their backsides writing incredible tracks for themselves as well as for an upcoming Japhy Ryder album. They deserve all the love you can throw at them.…/01/the-best-vermont-songs-of-2016/

We count down the 20 most irresistible songs to come out of Vermont in 2016, from soul to folk, twee-pop to blues-rock, rap to country to electronic-trumpet

We are so excited. Willverine has unleashed his next batch of songs. His new record, Show Up Late, features vocals by our man Zack DuPont and was produced with the help of Eric B. Maier of Madaila. So many killer musicians helped on this record that we can't list them here. Go have a listen via Spotify, iTunes or wherever your listening preference may be.

Show Up Late is the newest record by Willverine.

Are you ready for the next hot single from Willverine? We certainly hope so.

Wherever you go, Featuring The DuPont Brothers, is hot enough to worry the forest rangers.

#madeinvt #willverine #dupontbrothers

This the first single off my new record called Breaks in Three. This song includes vocals by the DuPont Brothers.

Well hot damn. Everybody please wish the happiest of birthdays to our man Will aka Willverine. As the years progress he has become the heart and soul of the band as well as an outstanding friend/father/husband/producer/joker and everything else in between.

Happy Birthday bud.

Japhy Ryder has a show on 07/28/2016 at 04:30 PM @ Art of Park in Stowe, VT

Jazz | Burlington

In a few hours we are bringing the pocket to the Radio Bean. As is our JazzFest tradition, we will be joined by a few special friends for a set of off the cuff, in the pocket, who knows what just happened style funk. See you at 9.

Thank you Burlington, Thank you Red Square, Thank you Burlington Discover Jazz Festival. The last two days were fantastic! We've got tonight off before heading to the Radio Bean tomorrow night for our annual Japhy & Friends event. This year we have Saxophonic wizard Deva Racusin (Afinque, Invisible Homes) and percussion guru Craig Myers (Barika, the Mike Gordon Band) joining us. We hit at 9.

Japhy Ryder has a show on 06/08/2016 at 09:00 PM @ Radio Bean in Burlington, VT

Jazz | Burlington

We're at it again Burlington. Hittin at Red Square right... About... Now

The sun has come out and we're ready to take it to the streets tonight at Red Square. We'll be rockin' the Alley Stage from 7-11 this evening. If yesterdays rain kept you away from the Jazz Festivities tonight will be a good night to get out and soak it all in.

Our set today has officially been moved indoors. We'll be playing at 2:30pm in the Contois Auditorium at City Hall. The Dave Keller Band plays before us and Grundlefunk immediately after.

We're taking the stage at City Hall today at 2:30. In the event the rain let's up, we will be outside on the church street stage. If the rain keeps on we'll be inside City Hall. Either way, it'll get a little steamy.

Vermont's premiere instrumental jazz-rock-hip/hop ensemble
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