One year!!!!!!!!!
A lil montage video of the other night with #jcal_org 1. "It Won't Always Be This Way" a new originality finessed during my residency 2. "Letter to you or Space and Timing" another new one I wrote during my residency. 3 "The Things You Do" Samba version of a song by @badboyent #ginathompson and @missymisdemeanorelliott #plussizedsingers #vocalists #nyc #originalmusic #jazz #randb #soul #songwriter #love #authenticity #queens
Sometimes, a view, a smell, a touch, a phone call can bring back all the memories you’ve tried so hard to forget. Always remember to honor yourself and go through those emotions... they make for great art! #love #heartache #sunset #warped #perspective #wearesoulnerds #allegiancetolove 🎶 “He Called My Phone Today” by Us!! 💿 “Allegiance to Love” available on all streaming platforms and for sale! Link in bio

Join @jb_soulnerd and New #SoulNerd family members in our Spring Acoustic Soul Sessions. Soul sessions are salon style events sharing new Music and stories from artists that are #soulnerdapproved Join us! Ticket link in the bio! #wearesoulnerd #acoustic #soul #salon #acousticsoulsessions

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Hey you beautiful ones! What's really good!?!? It is the weekend-many of us still work on the weekends, but I'm looking forward to it! I'm also looking forward to some sunshine!! If you are new here-WELCOME!!! I see we've got some new followers, and I just want to point you in the direction of all things Soul Nerd Check out the band, our music, news, a blog, our social media, a podcast and show announcements all in 'our little corner of the internet'. ...

Follow us, comment, share share share! It's time the world hears what a little bit of happiness, love and soul sound like!!!

One love!

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Original Soul/R&B band based in Philadelphia