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Benjamin Needham
· March 3, 2018
Extremely informative RSO course. Excellent class and instructor: he took ample time to review questions, roleplay Range scenarios, etc

Motivated to take more courses in the future!
Derek Hyde
· July 26, 2015
great guy, excellent teacher, takes his time to make sure you understand the topic at hand before moving on to something else. I recommend him for all firearms purchases as well as all CHL and NRA re...lated classes you could want to take. See More
Julia King
· October 21, 2015
Several of my friends and I took Jeff's CHL class and loved it. It was very informational and fun at the same time. I would definitely recommend Jeff to anyone wanting to get their concealed license.... Thank you for a great class! See More
Emily Wieck
· August 9, 2016
Very knowledgeable when I bought my gun. I took the class with a few family members and loved it!
Beth Ann Jones
· October 2, 2014
Jeff is incredibly knowledgeable about everything gun related! He cares deeply about each customer and their satisfaction. All around a great guy with a great business!!!
April V Rennie
· February 25, 2015
Jeff, is such a wonderful and patient instructor! He cares very much about everyone that takes his course and he is involved with. It was a pleasure meeting Jeff. I would recommend Jeff to anyone. Tha...nk you so much Jeff. See More
Christina Scott
· November 2, 2015
I took my RSO course from Jeff and absolutely had a blast. He made it fun and I feel like I learned a lot.
Mike McCroskey
· November 1, 2015
I took the class last month. Good class lots of knowledge. My wife will be taking this class with Jeff in a few weeks. Would highly recommend.
Cliff Hair
· September 10, 2016
Great guys...great class and I highly recommend them.
Tony Cruz
· February 26, 2017
Awesome service great people super prices !! You will never be disappointed with "jeff's"
Steven Denny
May 28, 2013
Jeff puts on a great class. He is thorough and knowledgeable. The classes are entertaining and definitely worthwhile.
Shane Tyree
· March 3, 2013
He is smart as can be and helpful, great guy!
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