Artist name is BOSCO...He comes from the same town as The Mighty Sparrow, Grenada. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry so I couldn't record a complete song, but I bought TWO of hits Xmas CDs...If I'd met him earlier I wld have hired him to perform in front of my screenings this past week !
We hit GOLD BOUILLON as Andy likes to say...and of the 50+ 45s he bought at at the Birmingham Record Show THIS is one of the few duds !!!
Father Andrew Rogers, playing Xmas tunes on the organ as folks filed into the theatre...Cinetopia! is one class act !!!
Jingle Bell Rocks! Doc added 3 new photosfeeling proud.
January 11

HoHoHuuuuuge CONGRATS to Aaron Lazare (Toronto, Ontario) + Greg P. Steel (Kansas City, Missouri) + Derek Miner !!!

ELEVEN (11) Votes >
"It's Christmas Day" - BROS...
submitted by Aaron Lazare


2nd Runner-Up
TEN (10) Votes>
"Everything Will Change This Christmas ~ The Ballad of Hans Gruber" by Four Eyes
submitted by Greg P. Steele

LISTEN & BUY:…/everything-will-chang…

3rd Runner-Up
NINE (9) Votes >
"Dear Santa" ~ Mr Little Jeans
submitted by Derek Miner


THANK YUUUUUUUULE to EVERYONE who participated in our First was a blast !!! We'll see you right back HERE in 11 months time !!!! LUV ~ mitchell & elaine

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HoHoHowdy All,

I know that what makes this page ~ and anything related to my movie ~ feel special, is that, like the actual holiday period itself, it represents a finite period of time, wherein we express kindness and compassion toward all fellow men & women...and also remain open, innocent & inquisitive to the magic & mystery which only the Xmas rituals inspire !

I personally have extreme reverence for all that Christmas means and what the holiday season inspires in people......I am so incredibly grateful and appreciative of the many emails, personal cards, telephone calls I’ve received from devoted fans of my movie. It’s overwhelming !

And, it makes facing the New Year, each year, that much more bittersweet...I always lament HOW QUIET the JBRX PAGE gets once January & February roll around...and I struggle to find relevant stories & such to post.

Fortunately, my/our dear friend & fan & fellow collector Don Fields has alerted me to some Xmas Audio goodies that are still available for download !

*** I absolutely LUV this kind of holiday fare, which fits right into what’s become the majority of what I’m now focussed on finding/acquiring/collecting, which is largely the most esoteric of Xmas audio ephemera...

i.e. Spoken Word Santa Singles & Albums, PSA’s, Artist Intro’s, Institutional Recordings, weird Private Home-made Reels, and the like...

Huge THX and gratitude to Don for alerting me/us THIS batch !!! Hope you all Enjoy !

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Airchecks of a variety of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois U.S.A. radio stations playing Christmas music.

...guessing it was brought on by sheer boredom ?!

Russ Solomon, the music-loving visionary who built a global retailing empire and the most famous company in Sacramento history, died Sunday night. He was 92.

HoHoHowdy Friends !

It has been far too long since I've been in touch, and I have several items of good news to share with you, wich I WILL DO in the coming days (Alt Xmas Song Contest FINAL POST, JBRX redux ! & more ; )

This post concerns a new book by a dear feriend THE RULE OF STEPHENS ...

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Jingle Bell Rocks! Doc
Jingle Bell Rocks! Doc is feeling hurt.
January 18

*QWK* Update On Song Contest Deets:
My apologies for the delay in posting the FULL DETAILS of both the Voting (with links to the Songs) as well as the 52 Original Songs that were submitted back in December.

I got into a Knife Fight and LOST 👎 Actually just a clumsy slip Cutting veggies, resulting in a nasty gash into the webbing of my left hand ! 😳 Fortunately I MISSED the tendon, but it was deep and needed SECEN stitches. Hurts like the Dickens, but worse still it’s impossible for me to type on my keyboard (I VOICE-Recorded THIS msg ; )
HOPE to get you the DEETS on Sunday...THX for your patience & understanding ! Luv m

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This photograph is so JOYFUL and infectious...Hope you ALL feel the same way ! (Sammy Davis Jr & Martin Luther King share a laugh in Davis' dressing room at New York's Majestic Theater, 1965)
“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” ~ MLK

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Jingle Bell Rocks! Doc
Jingle Bell Rocks! Doc is with Elaine Littmann.
January 11

HoHoHowdy ALL ! ...If you missed the LIVE broadcast announcement of our Contest Winners, fear not, you can watch it again right here...But, be forewarned, I never went to film school, and didn't realize that in LIVE MODE, there's a special littl EXTRA STEP you gotta take to ensure your camera captures you in LANDSCAPE MODE as I'd intended ; P

It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.

I had NO IDEA that the LIVE recording wasn't accepted in *LANDSCAPE* mode, and once I was rolling, I was too far away to actually READ your comments ; P Oh well, that's what happens in Live television hey ??? I'll FIX it for 2018 ; P

Image may contain: one or more people
Jingle Bell Rocks! Doc
It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.

VOTES are all-tallied and I will be announcing via Facebook LIVE VIDEO the 3rd & 2nd Runners Up & then the WINNING Song ~ and whoever submitted it will take home the Trophy 🏆 for themselves (and I’ll send a SECOND Trophy 🏆 plus Certificate & $50 chq to the artist/band behind the winning tune) and ALL the other fabulous prizes too !

Thu 12:00 PM PST1110 Odlum Dr

HoHoHowdy ALL !...Just letting you know I’m fine & our AWARDS CEREMONY will broadcast LIVE HERE @ 12 noon PST Thursday...

*** FYI: that means yule have to LIKE this JBRX! Page to watch it 👀 !


And anyone who misses it can watch the archived video clip which I’ll SHARE here afterwards along with FULL List of VOTES for both the Top Three Winning Songs + all others that were submitted to me.

Look FWD to a fun conclusion & hope y’all can join me !

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Jingle Bell Rocks! Doc is Tallying the VOTES !!!
January 9

HoHoHowdy ALL !

We're finally here ; ) ...I will be announcing the WINNER(s) of the Alt Xmas Song Contest THURSDAY here via Facebook LIVE at 12noon PST or 3pm EST ! 8~9pm Overseas !

*** And, we'll ALL have a little champagne TOAST together !


I will post the 16 Short-listed Tunes w/LINKS to each so you all can give a little support & hopefully a little MULAH, to these Independent Artists/Bands !

Lastly, I'll post the COMPLETE LIST of all the 52 submitted songs, alongside their contributors NAMES via the jbrx! Facebook Page and also Twitter under the HANDLE = @jinglebellrocks & HASHTAG = #ALTXmasSongContest

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Jingle Bell Rocks! Doc

HoHoHearty THX to all of you who've sent in your VOTES for the First Annual ALTXmas Song Contest !!!

If you still wish to participate, I am EXTENDING the deadline to TMRW at 12noon EST time / 9am PST.

!!! I NEED your Votes Pleeeeez & Thank Yuuuuule !!!


*** I'll be posting ALL 52 Songs & their Submitters TMRW, and then ANNOUNCE the Winners via Facebook LIVE on Wednesday at 12 noon PST ! With champagne toast to follow !

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"Christmas Don't be Late" by Rosie Thomas from her album A Very Rosie Christmas. Amazing song.

HoHoHuuuge THX for SHARING & VOTING !!!

Here's the LINK to mp3s of ALL 16 SONGS ! In NO particular order =

I need you to simply CUT & PASTE the names (from below) of your TOP THREE SONGS ~ identify them in that order ~ and send VIA email ONLY to me at: <>


*** DEADLINE for Voting is Monday, January 8th at 11:59 pm. 🎶🎸🥁🎷💰🏆🎁🎅🏿🎶

Anyone can participate in THIS PHASE ~ the more the merrier ~ but only those who SUBMITTED songs are eligible for the coveted Trophy & Prizes !!! On Tuesday morning I’ll POST all 52 Songs sent in alongside the NAMES of each of you beautiful souls !!!

ALT Xmas Song Contest 2017 TOP Trax (in alphabetical order ; )

“Another Christmas Song" ~ Remington Super 60

"Breaking The Ice" ~ Samantha Crain

"Catching Up With Christmas" ~ Sam & Julia

"Christmas Delight" ~ Kurtis Blow

“Dear Santa” ~ Mr Little Jeans

"Everything Will Change This Christmas ~ The Ballad of Hans Gruber” by Four Eyes

"First Year Alone" ~ THE CLEAR

"Jake The Flake" ~ Bobby Star

"I Believe In Christmas" ~ Strangely Alright

"It's Beginning to Snow" ~ Thisbe Vos

"It's Christmas Day" ~ BROS

"Maybe That's What Christmas Means" ~ Punchy

+ these four ORIGINAL ALT XMAS SONGS submitted by their Creators:

"It’s That Time Again" ~ Richard Krueger

"HalleFuckingLujah" ~ SWALE

"Old St. Nick" ~ Jordan Hirsch & Sapient

"Walking to the Sleigh" ~ Zachary Russell (hello, Xmas)

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No automatic alt text available.

HoHoHowdy Gang !

I let you down and I'm VERY sorry...Life just got in the way bigtime !

Here's the LINK to mp3s of ALL 17 SONGS ! In NO particular order =


I need you to simply CUT & PASTE the names of your TOP THREE SONGS (identify them in that order) and send VIA email ONLY to me at: <>

*** DEADLINE for VOTING is Monday, January 8th @ 11:59 pm.

It is Orthodox Christmas on Sunday, so I'll be celebrating (I'm of Russian heritage) with relatives, and welcome THIS toward the end of my holiday festivities !

*** I will then TALLY all the VOTES and ANNOUNCE the WINNERS on Wednesday, January 10th at 4pm PST ; P

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No automatic alt text available.

HoHoHowdy ALL !
Its past 6:30am...And, I've been up all night working on a DEADLINE for a new film proposal...I'm gonna take a 3-hour nap, then get up and FINISH compiling the SHORTLISTED mp3 Audio Files for you !

Stay Tuned & THX for your patience !

No automatic alt text available.

Ho Ho Howdy ALL ! We have our SHORTLIST for 2017 !

*** I will be following up later tonite, with a LINK to mp3s of these tunes, so you ALL can submit your VOTES to me by midnight Saturday, January 7th.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


There were just too many songs for me to narrow it down to Top Ten, so I've got the TOP TWELVE Songs of ALT Xmas ! I DIG the sound of that !

Plus, there are FOUR (4) additional ORIGINAL tunes, which were submitted by their creators.

I hadn't anticipated that, so I am hoping you all can figure out (along with me) how we deal with them, since the objective and purpose of this contest was to NOMINATE other people's songs ; P

Also, I received a fair number of Classic Chestnuts and/or more modern Chestnuts, all of which are lovely, wonderful songs, but they are NOT truly in the spirit of this specific contest, which is to PROMOTE and CELEBRATE new, original Xmas Songs.

I received FIFTY (50) songs in total !

I think we need some CLEARER PARAMETERS next year ; P

* * * * * * * * * * * *

And, I am sure I've made a few other mistakes or missteps...That's going to happen with something THIS ambitious and broad. So, I am hoping that you all WILL weigh in with your feedback, comments & criticisms, so that I can IMPROVE UPON this for next year !

Oh, and since the majority of the SONGS SHORTLISTED SONGS are from Independent artists/bands, I decided I would also provide a CASH Prize of $50 to the WINNING SONG's creator!

Feedback, etc PLZ contact me at: <>

*** HoHoHearty THANKS to everyone who took the time to SUBMIt their faves, and I look FWD to collecting YOUR VOTES over the next three days !!!

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