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When I heard about James Horner's passing last night I used the emotion and played my own personal eulogy which I would like to dedicate to him. I called it "Wunderkind". Here it is!
New Piece Improv

Very happy and proud to present to you the BEHIND THE SCENES video for my new album CRONOS! Hope you enjoy, it was an incredibly humbling journey that I get to share with all of you! 🎻

Thank you so much, everyone, for your continuous support and all the great reviews you've been posting about the music.

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FINALLY! My new album CRONOS is OUT! It's now available in all major digital stores worldwide!

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THANK YOU to everyone who is supporting me, who helped me make this album and bring my musical ideas to life.

For this album, in particular, my goal was to create melodies that are memorable. Melodies that have an impact on you, elevate you, travel with you, inspire you, motivate you, uplift you and hopefully let you experience a whole range of emotions.

There's just something so magical about the orchestra and I feel blessed today that I'm given the opportunity to work and record with some of the finest musicians on this planet.

Thank you to all my fans and true supporters! 🙏

I want you to know that I genuinely appreciate each and every one of you, every comment on my posts, every PM, every time you reach out to me, every time you share your thoughts and emotions with me.

Music is a vehicle for peace and music helps us to get in touch with our humanity and vulnerability as human beings.

If we're aware of it or not but music can help anchor us in a state where all mental noise vanishes and our essence can shine through. That space where we can be free flowing..

Our unfiltered, unconditioned and true self can surface that is honest, real and loving.

I strongly believe that music can make a huge difference in our world. That it can, in fact, unite us and bring us together as it will always connect us to our core, that reminder that we're all the same, that we're all one.

I wandered through some very dark valleys of my soul and I know that music has immense healing properties. It has vast potential to make us whole and to put back those missing pieces that we sometimes lose along the way.

I would like to dedicate this album to all music lovers, those who are struggling right now, those who experience the highest forms of bliss, those who lost a loved one, those who are in love with someone, those who go through challenges and are facing obstacles and to those who feel on top of the world..

I'm humbled and my love goes out to all of you!


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Jo Blankenburg updated their cover photo.
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My new album "CRONOS" is about to drop!!

It releases on all major digital stores tomorrow. Check out the Official Album Preview mix on Epic Heaven Music's YouTube channel!

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Are you creating from your COMFORT ZONE?

“Creating” as in writing music but also creating LIFE in general.

Ok, so, what’s your comfort zone anyway? Let’s briefly define what our treacherous comfort zone really is..


..comfortable insinuates something like the absence of fear.

It’s our “safety radius” within we operate and conduct our life. It’s “safe” enough to not cause little if any friction at all.

Your comfort zone is a bubble, a vacuum with little wiggle room for growth.

We all are comfortable, all of us. Whenever we feel challenged and feel this low level of nervous energy (aka anxiety) our knee-jerk reaction is to instantly retreat into our bubble..

Some are more aware of this than others - I was completely blind at some point..

..not sure if you can relate but in the past, my personal level of “comfort” or I should say, level of DISCOMFORT I was able to handle was so low, that my world became really, really small.

My sphere of active creation (of my life and everything in it) was tiny and I shut myself off, undermining my true potential.

Feeling UNcomfortable is essential to our life. Good emotions, bad emotions, we label how we feel and dismiss the signals that are sent by our subconscious mind.

“Oh no, I don’t want to feel this way”
“This is too much, I can’t take it anymore”
“This scares the #hit out of me”

If you’ve put in the work and developed your creative skill set over time, you’ve set a NEW NORMAL and you’ve probably forgotten that getting to that level has once caused you stress; has once caused friction.

You pushed your limit and right there at the edge of your comfort zone, there’s a sweet spot that pretty much lies between CHALLENGE and OVERWHELM, just enough to help you grow and unleashed new potential.

If you look back, what were those projects or moments where you pushed yourself, you worked through it and expanded your horizon?

Can you go back and do some examining. How did you do it, can you possibly use this as a BLUEPRINT for the future?

[+] Your potential for EXPONENTIAL GROWTH is right there WITHIN you.

[-] There’s NOTHING (it's not luck and not time) on the outside that magically waves a wand over your head and gives you superpowers.

The more you allow yourself to get uncomfortable (ideally daily) and push your limits, the more you strengthen your WILLPOWER muscle.

Just remember there’s no shortcut to GREATNESS but all of us have it.

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Recording strings for a track for my new album

It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.
It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.

Do you look at other people you admire and instantly attribute their success to TALENT?

When I was young (I’m a trained organ player) I’d have never thought that “I’d amount to anything” when it comes to music.

Hm, why did I believe this to be “true”?


Because my environment gave me feedback that formed that belief.
I didn’t want to play church music - I was into Tina Turner (Mind you, this was the late 70ies)

[+] I was outright scared of my organ teacher who constantly stepped on my feet to correct me when I hit a wrong note using the bass pedals. :’(

[+] I felt pressurized by my parents who thought it’s cool to play the organ.

Many years later I re-discovered music and got into electronic music and started producing for DJ’s in Germany besides working in real estate.

> Ten years ago I decided to become a full-time composer.

> Ten days ago I recorded with London’s finest musicians which marks the biggest highlight in my music career so far.

I’m not saying this to brag or boast, I’m trying to be open and real with you and give you an honest perspective on what’s possible.

It’s our ENVIRONMENT, I firmly believe, that is the number one facilitator or INHIBITOR when it comes to fostering TALENT, or let me say APTITUDE.

Now if we pair this with deliberate practice and a great work ethic, almost anything can be achieved.

If we refer to TALENT alone, we insinuate that it’s god-given, that we are equipped with something that other’s don’t have..

..I simply don’t believe in that anymore.

It’s too comfortable to look at someone whose achievements we admire and attribute their success to talent.

It’s a way of drawing a line between THEM and US, telling ourselves that we’ll never be in the position to reach those heights..

..all this is, is giving yourself permission TO PLAY SMALL..

..and NOT reach for your dreams..

..and NOT follow through..

..and NOT take consistent action.

..and most importantly, NOT put in the work!

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Just got back from RECORDING BRASS AND CHOIR for my new album at this legendary place called "AIR Lyndhurst".
The experience completely exceeded the picture I had painted in my head of what I thought would happen - and I have great imagination
So grateful for all the wonderful people who helped me put all of this together.
CANNOT wait to share the final product with all of you..

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So VERY excited to share this with all of you. I'd like to introduce you to Talha, he's a brilliant, young filmmaker who created a beautiful music video with my piece "Jellyfish In The Sky", from my album "Kaleidoscope". Please let Talha and me know how you like it.

Song: Jellyfish In The Sky featuring Sunday Lane | Jo Blankenburg | Kaleidoscope Directed By - Talha B. Cast: �Kendra Levy…

Check out my piece "Renascence" from my album "Kaleidoscope" in this beautiful trailer for "The Promise", starring Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac.

The Promise Trailer 1 (2016) Christian Bale, Oscar Isaac Drama Movie HD [Official Trailer]

Check out this super cool cover of my piece "Illumielle" from my album Elysium. Thank you and big shout out to Victor de Andres for adding some spice to my track!

Song by Jo Blankenburg one of the best epic composers of the world. Buy Elysium on iTunes: Victor De andres en Facebook https://ww...

My amazing friends and supporters in Vietnam put this album giveaway together. Enter your chance to win a free copy of "Valkyrie". See below

#GIVEAWAY from Jo Blankenburg for the new album Valkyrie
This great album was just released last week. Do you want to grab a free download of it? Let's play
...- Look at the GIF image. Take a screenshot of the name that is your favorite track in Valkyrie
- Paste the screenshot in the comment & Share this post.
- 10 lucky answers will receive an HQ download of the album!

♫ Haven't listened to it yet? You can try it here:
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Every album release is pretty emotional for me.

Conceiving the music, pouring my heart into it and then sharing it with the world is beyond special and something that never gets old. I'd like to thank everyone for their support throughout these years. You supporting me by listening to my music means everything to me, it's a reminder that I'm well on track with following my life's purpose, which is to create the best version of myself and to inspire people. I'm genuinely move...d and humbled by all your support throughout these years - you guys rock!

If you still don't have a copy of "Valkyrie", grab it here:


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Preview, buy, and download songs from the album Valkyrie (Original Trailer Music), including ”Valkyrie,” ”Artemis,” ”Medusa,” and many more. Buy the album for $9.99. Songs start at $0.99.
Jo Blankenburg updated their cover photo.
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