Joel reflects on the attack on Pearl Harbor

A humble giant of the faith went home today to be with the Lord in person. Rev. Graham had a huge impact on me personally, as I'm sure he did on many of you. Let's thank God for this man's life and ministry, and pray his memorial service is used by the Lord to proclaim the Gospel to millions more around the world. (please comment and share this with others)…/breaking-billy-gr…/

(Jerusalem, Israel) — The Associated Press is reporting that the Rev. Billy Graham — a humble giant of the Christian faith — has been called home to be with the Lord. He was 99. P…

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As the countdown to the March 6th launch approaches, some early endorsements of The Kremlin Conspiracy are in, and they’re encouraging. “Joel Rosenberg has an uncanny talent for focusing his …

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With the clock ticking down until publication day, The Washington Examiner mentions The Kremlin Conspiracy in today’s “Washington Secrets” column. (Pre-order today -- and share this with family and friends!)…/three-weeks-to-la…/

With the clock ticking down until publication day, The Washington Examiner mentions The Kremlin Conspiracy in today’s “Washington Secrets” column. “An author popular with Wa…

BREAKING NEWS: Red alert sirens sounding every few minutes here, warning of rocket attacks in the north of Israel. Israeli media reporting Iranian done entered Israeli airspace near Golan Heights. IDF helicopter shot down the UAV. Israeli F-16 reportedly crashed after engaging the attack, encountered massive anti-aircraft fore coming from
Syria. Pilots ejected — both injured, one “severely” — taken to hospital. IDF retaliating. Details sketchy but potential for major escalation as IDF spokesman pointing finger at Iran.

Please pray.

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Enjoyed seeing my friend, Gideon Sa’ar — the former Israeli Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, Interior Minister and Education Minister — this week. We had a chance to catch up on family and geopolitics, and I introduced him to my son, Jacob. Gideon was the keynote speaker at our very first Epicenter Conference we held back in April 2008 and really connected with the audience, receiving multiple standing ovations.

We don’t agree on every issue, but he’s a thoughtful man and resp...ectful of those with whom he disagrees. Also, it’s rare to see a leader in Israel, the U.S., or any country take a break from politics — to literally step out of government when you’re one of the most powerful men in the country — for several years when you need to spend more time with your family, and to take time to rest and reflect and recharge. But that’s what he did and I commend him for it. Now he says he’s ready to renter the arena. It will be interesting to see what his future holds.

I write this not as a political endorsement in any way, simply as a friend and observer. The Scriptures admonish us to pray for our leaders and for all those in authority. I’m certainly trying to pray faithfully for Gideon and his family, just as I pray for the PM, for King Abdullah, President el-Sisi, President Abbas and our leaders back in Washington. And on that note, Shabbat Shalom.

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Just one month until my new international political thriller—#TheKremlinConspiracy—releases. Hardcover copies haven’t arrived in Israel yet but Tyndale House Crazy4Fiction sent me this photo of opening the first box. Details of the book tour coming soon. #Russia…

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Palestinian leaders are not simply infuriated by President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. They are also incensed by what they perceive as an anti-Palestinian theology held by Evangelical Christians generally, and specifically by Evangelicals close to Mr. Trump, including Vice President Mike Pence. They've made some very strong accusations against Evangelical theology in recent days. Here's my new column for The Jerusalem Post looking at this issue more closely. Please don’t stop praying for John 13 love and John 17 unity between Israeli and Palestinian believers, and don’t stop praying for peace and calm between our two peoples.There has been far too much pain and heartache for far too long. (please also comment below and share with friends)…/are-evangelical-c…/

Here’s my new column in The Jerusalem Post. ARE EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS ANTI-PALESTINIAN? To the contrary, Scripture teaches us to love both Arabs and Jews Palestinian leaders are not simply i…

The Kremlin Conspiracy is just a month away! The plot is about a former U.S. Secret Service agent who teams up with an unlikely ally to stop a Russian Czar from launching an all out attack. It sounds like a story from today's headlines doesn't it?
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Tyndale House Publishers

Now that he has delivered his first State of the Union address, let’s set aside the media firestorm and the deep cynicism of most reporters and pundits and ask, What is the truth? In what ways is this unconventional President succeeding? And how is he failing or struggling?…/what-are-presiden…/

After a full-year in office, it is time to take stock of the Trump presidency. He certainly stunned the world by winning the 2016 elections despite having no government experience and a very contr…

Let this be the year you bring your family and friends to the Holy Land with Joel C. Rosenberg and The Joshua Fund team!…/have-you-ever-wan…/

Dear friends — There is still time to sign up — and I hope you and your family will join us! Lynn and I invite you to come to the Epicenter Prayer Summit, which will be held in Jerusalem on t…

How do Israelis, Arabs & Evangelicals view Vice President Mike Pence’s historic and controversial address to the Knesset? I've just posted links to the full video of the speech, the full official transcript -- as well as my analysis in interviews with Fox News, CBN News & an Israeli newspaper. (please comment and share)…/how-do-israelis-a…/

(Jerusalem, Israel) — On Monday, I was humbled to be invited to watch Vice President Mike Pence’s historic address to the Knesset from inside the chamber. It was the first time an Ameri…

I saw two friends and allies being candid with each other over sensitive matters and some serious disagreements on major issues, but also two men taking care to strengthen the core of the friendship and staying focused on why their countries need each other. (please watch the videos, read the transcripts, comment and share).…/a-candid-conversa…/

On Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence, his wife Karen, and their senior advisors traveled to Amman, Jordan, where the V.P. held critically important bilateral meetings with King Abdullah II — …