MEGAN AND ADDISON...okay. Now Aunt Megan takes Addison for a wheelchair ride. The baby likes it...!!! (Promise no "Elmo" song with this one...I still can't get that out of my head!).
PATRICK WITH BEAUTIFUL BABY COUSIN ADDISON...Aileen sent me this video this afternoon of Patrick singing along to Elmo while Addison watches the video on Patrick's laptop. Too dang precious!!!☺️☺️

JUNIOR PARENTS WEEKEND AT NOTRE DAME...Aileen and I had a very special weekend with our Megan. 2 1/2 years ago, a super excited, and super scared 18 year old young woman showed up in South Bend, Indiana to check in into Ryan Hall to join 2,000 other students on campus from all 50 states and 50+ foreign nations to begin a journey as freshmen at the University of Notre Dame in the Class of 2019. Now she is only 15 months from graduating. This special weekend has been a tradition at ND for many years- a time for Juniors and their parents or guardians to get together. Awesome time with Megan. Meg, we are so so very proud of you!!!!
You have made this great school even more “Tender, Strong and True.”
We Love You!!! Mom & Dad

AWESOME WEEKEND WITH MEGAN!!! Meg and I had the nicest weekend for her Father-Daughter weekend at her dorm (“Pops & Paws”). We saw a play, a hockey game, an irreverent student show put on by a boy’s dorm on campus (oh my...) and closed with a brunch and a Mass for Dads and daughters at the chapel in her dorm. Headed back to NJ now. Thanks for everything, Megan. I love you! 😀😘


FATHER-DAUGHTER WEEKEND....I’m at Notre Dame this weekend with Megan. It’s Father-Daughter weekend at her dorm, Ryan Hall. We went to a hockey game tonight! OMG it snowed here today! Almost a foot of snow! Love being with Meg. Hadn’t seen her in a month. So nice. 😀☘️👸🏻

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MAKING PIZZA WITH JOHN JR TONIGHT...ok. Aileen is out at NotreDame getting Megan settled in for start of her second semester of Junior year. I got John and Patrick duty back here in NJ. John and I decided to make pizza from scratch tonight. The pictures below tell the story...let’s just say at the end, John said “Dad. After all that (it did take 90 minutes) we coulda just ordered from Pizza Star. It would have cost $13 and been here 45 minutes ago. And it would have tasted way better.” Awesome....😳😀 🍕


HAPPY NEW YEAR. In Orlando with Aileen, John Jr and Megan. (Patrick holding down the fort back in NJ!).

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IN ORLANDO FOR CITRUS BOWL TODAY....much fun with family and friends today. And what a great game. And great Irish victory! Nice way to start 2018!

MEGAN IS 21 TODAY...!!!! 🎂 🎁 🎂. Omg. Can’t believe our baby girl is 21 today. In NYC at Times Square celebrating. Megan has planned her birthday weekend with a ton of girlfriends all year. Lots of activities. And girl time. Aileen and I were invited for part of the weekend to: 1) share in the love of Megan and the celebration; 2) carry the 25 lbs birthday cake 1/2 mile to dinner up Broadway; 3) pay the bill at checkout; 4) help watch Nancy’s little baby, Reilly. (Not necessarily in that order...😉). LOVE YOU BUNCHES, MEG!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You’re awesome.

A BRIGHT LIGHT AT THE FDA FOR INNOVATION AND PATIENTS....below please find an article that I wrote that was published in The Observer this morning. There indeed has been tremendous change underway at the FDA this year. This change is not a lowering of regulatory standards. It represents an elevation of regulatory science to meet the great advances in science and medicine. And I am convinced that the FDA is genuinely focused now on the voice of the patient in the development of new medicines- especially for rare, devastating diseases. A new era dawns.…/fda-commissioner-scott-gottli…/amp/

The 30 million Americans who live with a rare disease—most of them children—face enormous unmet medical needs.


SEMPER is the 242nd birthday of the United States Marine Corps. With Aileen driving down to North Carolina today (to see Megan and niece Nancy and new baby Reilly!) and we stopped at the Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, VA. Wow. What an amazing museum! We didn’t have time to cover even 1/2 of it. Great living tribute to our beloved Corps. The history, tradition, honor and sacrifice of the Marines is captured so beautifully well here. “First to fight for right and freedom...”

JOHN JR AS "RUDY" FOR HALLOWEEN....well, not quite. But he did buy the Rudy jacket at the ND bookstore Sunday with his own summer savings money. Now THAT is a genuine John smile!

At ND with Megan this afternoon for her Make A Wish Club annual 5K.

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GREAT FIRST HALF A SEMESTER FOR JOHN JR AND MEGAN IN SOUTH BEND AT COLLEGE....! Aileen and I got John and Megan back to college in mid August at Holy Cross College and Notre Dame, respectively. They just finished a week home for Fall break. John and I are flying back on today to ND, Aileen and Megan tomorrow. In addition to, most importantly, a great semester of grades and hard studies for both, we were blessed to have so many friends and family visit for home football weekends. With many more to come in the weeks ahead, including big game versus USC tomorrow night. GO IRISH! So Blessed....😌☘️🙏🏻

THROWBACK THURSDAY!!! Pic here of me and Megan about 8 years ago dancing at a Make-A-Wish NJ fundraiser. (Glasses and bangs on Megan!). She always loved Make-A-Wish!! And second pic is of Megan and friend Annie at a Make-A-Wish fundraiser booth at last weekend's Notre Dame football game. Meg is the President of the ND campus MAW chapter. The future head of fundraising at MAW, no doubt!

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