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Yes! AT LAST!!! A spoof natural history video about a lobster and a westhighland terrier dressed up! Thank you, Christ. xxxxENJOY

A wonderful nature thing, following the life cycle of nature's most sexual creature - the lobster.

RIGHT!!!!!! Here it is folks!!!!! Our first properly produced video!!! BLINDED BY LOVE!!!
Watch it!!!! Yeah!!!!! Just fucking watch it!!!!! Go ON! Tell your mates (if you've got any, dickhead) Actually aggression aside, please do tell your friends. All my love Oliver Birch xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

This is a story about love...

Milk. We all love it. Except the lactose intolerant - but I abhor all sorts of intolerance, don't you? This is a beautiful song about Milk written and performed by me Oliver Birch and Three Colours Beige. Enjoy.

Visit for more details on how MILK came to be. 3CB

A re-imagining of Michael Fish's fateful weather forecast for the children's show Spaceship 87

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Jollie, Brilliant musical sketch show <s>*</s><s>*</s><s>*</s><s>*</s> (, return to show you the wondrous mixture of story, song and sketch they

Jollie: Abreast of CultureThis week, Friday 21st May Jollie will be performing as part of the Brighton Festival at Upstairs at Three and Ten (Winner of 'best venue' 2008 and 2009).It's a great chance to catch this award winning show for one of the last times as well as eat some fish, chips and beer.

Hilarious and inspired musical
numbers, and razor-sharp writing....
**** “Brilliant musical sketch show”
~ Steve Bennett, Chortle
**** “Fabulously animated and
creative hour” ~ Time Out
**** “The depth of comedy was
breathtaking” ~ Three Weeks

Upstairs at Three and Ten

Friday 21st May

Address: 10 Steine Street, Brighton, BN2 1TE
To book tickets or for more information please visit

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Abreast of Culture (our award winning show) is on at the Three and Ten at 6 (i think) in Brighton on the 21st of MAY!!! Come and see it (only fucking 9 people came to the last one, two of whom were reviewers, 5 of whom were friends and the other two were obviously foreign tourists because the boyfriend sat there basically translating it for his girlfriend the whole way through)

is on 1st of May, upstairs at Three and Ten at 1pm in Brighton!!!!

is on at the Brighton Festival at 1pm at a pub on saturday 1st of MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come and see it. I'll find out what the pub's called. x


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Congratulations to all who have joined Jollie! You shall all receive your £50 M&S vouchers in the post! And a paper bag filled with my own shit and a lit banger. x

Welcome to Jollie!