One of the songs that wasn't quite ready during our most recent run of Jukebox Stories was this funny and sweet love song dedicated to Brandon Patton's sister and brother-in-law. Here's a free MP3 of "If We Were Gourmanche, I'd Bring Your Dad Goats" and the story behind the song.

My sister got married last month, so I took it upon myself to write a song about her romance. I called up Jeremy, now her husband, and asked him to...

It's Walking for Kisses Weekend! Yes, it's time to share (again!) the video that changed walking and kisses forever! Prince Gomolvilas and Pork Chop's viral video is at about 300K views right now, but Pork Chop really does deserve at least a million, don't you think? Spread it around all weekend long! (Also, be sure to "like" Pork Chop on Facebook--he likes to be liked!)

Playwright/performer Prince Gomolvilas and cat/performer Pork Chop go WALKING...FOR...KISSES! Special thanks to Brandon Patton for capturing them...

Prince wants to tell you a ghost story. (There are only two performances and the theater seats only 80, so buy your tix now or soon!)

Jul 21, 2013 - Jul 27, 2013The Thick House, 1695 18th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107
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Prince gave a TEDx talk. Here is the video. Feel free to share. Sharing is caring. TEDxChapmanU

Thank you, Bay Area audiences, for making our run of Jukebox Stories: The Secrets of Forking a truly magical experience! Prince and Brandon are back in Glendale and New Haven, respectively, and we've brought back fond memories with us. Please stay in touch, and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Performance Art TheatreBerkeley, CA
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"Sunday is closing night! 7PM! I'm so excited! I can't go to sleep! This Chevron station egg salad sandwich is disgusting! I think I might throw up! Seriously! Why?! Why did I do this to myself?! I need electrolytes!" --Prince Gomolvilas

If you're planning to come to The Secrets of Forking on our final Saturday (6/8), we're almost sold out--so buy your tix now! If it's sold out by the time you read this, then we still have some good seats still available for our closing Sunday (6/9) show--but buy your tix now! Thanks, Bay Area! It's been a great run!

One of the pieces in the rotation during the fifth and final week of Jukebox Stories is Pork Chop's "Walking for Kisses" song (see below), sung live by Brandon Patton with high-tech video accompaniment and audience-participatory kissing noises! Will this piece get selected at random during the night you come? Maybe! If not, we've got dozens of other fun tricks up our sleeves! Info and tix:

Download this song for free: Pork Chop on Facebook: Jukebox Stories on Facebook: http://www.fa...

OMG! We just hit 300 Facebook "likes"! When now get to scream, "This is Sparta!" (By the way, our first Bay Area show in five years closes this weekend. THIS WEEKEND. FOR REALZ. Info and tix below.)

It's your last chance to see Jukebox Stories and/or tell your friends! We have just four more shows left (Thursday/Friday/Saturday at 8PM and Sunday at 7PM), and that's it! Link to tix below. More info here:

“Go early and go often!”—KQED ...
“Hugely engaging!”—San Jose Mercury News ...
“Fantastically sublime!”—The Daily Californian

Those of you who have seen The Secrets of Forking know why this news report is so damn funny.

A Romanian village on Monday unfurled what is the largest flag ever made, Guinness World Records said.
Jukebox Stories updated their cover photo.
May 22, 2013
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Yet another rave review! We can barely stand all the love. (Barely.) (Tix here:

Playwright Prince Gomolvilas and singer-songwriter Brandon Patton dish up a hilarious evening of Jukebox Stories with a new playlist every night.

At the risk of oversaturating the media, here's another rave review! (Now we know how it feels to be Justin Bieber.) (Tix here:

In 2006, Impact Theatre debuted the very first edition of “Jukebox Stories” — a two-man show featuring stories and songs performed and written by playwright Prince Gomolvilas and singer-songwriter Brandon Patton, respectively. What began as an experiment in the basement theatre underneath La Val’s P...

Our first rave review for "The Secrets of Forking!" Thanks to the San Jose Mercury News for saying that we "could do bird calls and still charm the cynicism out of [our] audience." We'd much rather charm the pants off of our audience, because we're pervs, but we'll take what we can get.

Prince Gomolvilas and Brandon Patton have been featured on Berkeley's Impact Theatre stage before, so followers are pretty clear on what their "Jukebox Stories" are all about. As for "The Secret of Forking," it remains a mystery right until the end.

OMG! We are an Editors' Pick in Theatre Bay Area Magazine! Online article below. Tix here:

Sam’s Editors’ Picks: May/June 2013

OMG! We are on the cover of the San Francisco Chronicle's 96 Hours entertainment section! Online article below. Tix here:

Audiences were sure that the mix of Patton's songs and Gomolvilas' stories were a whole lot of fun, so the duo were back two years later with Jukebox Stories: Forking is a concept I learned about in an incredible book called 'The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading' by Ian Rowland, a member of the skept...