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from the album Hunt
Morgantown band Juna performs a song while walking in the snow.
After an infuriating evening filled with feedback from John Morgan's Privia the only obvious solution was destruction. Oh, and this was awesome.
from the album Yesno
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10 track album
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Juna #1. As always, free.

I suppose if you've "liked" this page this may not apply to you... but in all sincerity, I would like to thank people in general for the massive lack of support this project has received over the years. It has truly been a humbling, character-building process: spilling oneself unto the world only to fall on ears of seeming indifference. The best gift is to give without receiving, or better yet to give and be... laughed at or ignored. I am also very grateful to those who have listened and appreciated. Plunking around on the piano for the first time in (?) years, I see many possibilities for a new Juna record on the distant horizon. I've put so much energy into making music because I wanted to give back what was given me with music; a friend, to strike a chord in someone that nothing else could manage. I suppose I've succeeded on a small scale. I now must give back what has been given me by the earth: sustenance and vitality, through soil building and land stewardship. This does not mean that Juna is dead, but Juna is tired and sore and doing much soul searching, looking for that light that made me want to (need to) share this music. I don't need it anymore. I hope others gain from what I have shared and put my soul into.

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11 track album

If you're a starving artist, you should feed the starving with your art.

So it took Juna 3 years to make $20 from music sales on CD baby.

No peace could bring this weary warrior home.