Knowledge is power, and that’s the case with the JA Personal Finance-Blended program, which increases teens’ knowledge about financial concepts. Thanks to American Honda Finance Corporation for supporting this effort! @hondafinancialservices
100 Years. 100% Ready
Who knew that starting a business in high school reinforces critical soft skills? New research on the JA Company Program shows just that! Thanks to The Hartford for supporting this life-changing program! @TheHartford

Junior year of high school is when students start looking ahead to their college futures! Check out what college students say “Must - Do’s” are for juniors in high school!

Two current undergrads say that working on college applications early can pay off.

Paying off debt fast on a low income seems far-fetched, but these 6 ways on how to make it possible might change your mind!

Want to know how to pay off debt fast on a low income? Here are 6 ways to pay off debt quickly and taste debt freedom sooner than you think possible.