Wishing all of our fans, a very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!!!

What's your ideal festival line-up?



New KICK music or some live dates???

Hope you all have a great Easter!

What track from Memoirs should be presented to radio for further promotion of the CD?

Today is former KICK singer's, Nick Workman's birthday. Happy Birthday from all of us at KICK HQ!!!

Tomorrow will be Mikey's birthday. Happy Birthday from all of us at KICK HQ!!

Wahoo - 101 likes so far.

Thank you for all your efforts. I'm sure we could double this.

Let's get this page activate and popular among the music fans!


e-z, KICK

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The guys wish you all a MERRY KICK'MAS & A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Here's to a ROCKIN' 2015!

e-z, KICK

5 more likes and we have broken the 100 target - get spreading the word.

Thanks, Mikey & Chris + the little elves at KICK HQ.

Former KICK frontman, Nick Workman has released his 3rd CD with his band VEGA.

Who's already got a copy and what's your verdict?

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Should KICK play some shows?

Where's everyone?

What have you all got planned for the Summer?

STEEL 93 RADIO is proud to play the song "Urban Refugee", from their KILLER album "Memoirs" on Escape Music. Check it out starting on April 28th.


Adam Z...

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Tom McRae is an English singer-songwriter.

Slowly getting there, but would like to see 100 likes. Especially as we have a new album out - come on people please spread the word!

Help us reach 100 likes!!!

Spread the word, the HEADLINE ACT are back in town!

Also we want to hear your ideas about KICK back in the public's radar.