Thank you to all of my supporters! I am excited that I was able to come so close to defeating an incumbent opponent. I could not have done this without all of you. Thank you to those of you that helped me with my campaign and for all the hard work my campaign manager put into this (Lamont Bostrom). Thank you all! I look forward to continuing to work for the people in my community to make changes happen.

Vote TODAY! I am excited to bring a change to Nampa and look forward to representing you on the City Council. Thank you for your support! Vote KLynn Miller for Nampa City Council.


Tomorrow is the day! Please remember to get out and vote and thank you for your support! If you are ready for a change, vote KLynn Miller!

Last weekend before the election! Don't forget to vote on Tuesday. It is time for a change in Nampa, trust me to be a part of that change. As a lifelong resident of Nampa, I want what is best for this city and the great people that live here. Vote KLynn Miller on Nov. 5th!

If you support my candidacy, please consider writing a letter to the Idaho Press Tribune voicing your support. Submissions must be 200 words or less and must be received by Oct. 28th. You can go to their website and use their form (but be careful, it lets you type 300 words and candidate letters must be 200 or less). Thank you so much for all that you have all done for me. I am truly touched by those of you that have reached out asking how you can help. Get the word out- that will surely help!

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We need to lower taxes and get rid of unnecessary ordinances and regulations to make the city of Nampa "business friendly".
One example: one national chain store in Meridian pays 169.9 thousand a year in property taxes. The same national chain store in Nampa pays 349.5 thousand a year in property taxes.
If elected I will work to lower taxes for businesses and families.

Candidate forum - Thursday, October 17th @ 6:30pm at the Nampa Civic Center. Come and hear my views on how we can make this city the best place in Idaho to live! If you want a "Miller for City Council" t-shirt to wear to the forum, message me!

Ready for a campaign sign? They are ready! Private message me or send an email to and I will let you know where you can get one!

Follow me on Twitter @MillerforNampa.

Randal O'Toole who is a senior fellow and policy anaylst for the Cato Institute said this: "Idaho cities tout tax-increment financing (Urban Renewal) as a way to create jobs, improve blighted neighborhoods, promote competitively disadvantaged border communities and revitalize downtowns, all at no cost to tax-payers. In fact, tax-increment financing (Urban Renewal) allows cities to steal funds that taxpayers think they have dedicated to schools, fire and other municipal programs in order to subsidize favored developers (such as the old Mercy Hospital project), increase municipal budgets and socially engineer the way Idahoans (Nampans) live.
We need to do away with Urban Renewal.
Vote for KLynn Miller for City Council.

In the past 10 years under the current city administration, 9 manufacturing businesses closed or moved from Nampa losing 3,300 jobs. The property taxes in Nampa are not "business friendly". Vote KLYNN MILLER for a change in Nampa City Government.

The current city administration has used a policy of "Tax and Spend" raising the property tax rate in Nampa by 50% to the highest of any major city in Idaho. This burdens the Nampa Taxpayer with an additional present and future debt of over $80 million and they did it without the permission of the people.

KLynn Miller For City Council updated their cover photo.
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