volca intro

Volca Keys ambient demo track

An ambient track made with a Korg Volca Keys and a Korg Mini Kaosspad 2.

Korg Volca Beats hacks / mods - PCM , Kick and Toms mods !!

due to many requests here I demonstrate 3 more mods for the Korg Volca Beats. 1:\ PCM 2:\KICK 3:\ TOMS. you can see my snare mod video with full mod instruct...

oops - Roland plans strike back !!!

Roland Engineers discuss the initial concept of the TR-808 which was conceived and built in 1980. Although it was designed to create "backing tracks", creati...


Songname; Ratzepuzzz. Got my Korg Volca Bass finally yesterday. Waited several month. First song with its bassline today. I added some little reverb on it, r...

off topic but little bits interesting !

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get into acid with SYNTHEMATIX and his Volca Bass !

KORG Volca Bass acid line test, I love this little synth it's amazing for it's size. My 100th video too!

Korg Volca Keys test by deepchild

A quick programming test of a newly acquired Korg Volca Keys unit. Recorded direct into Ableton Live, programmed via the internal Korg Volca sequen...

Get Lucky with the Volcas ! Great performer !

The only sound sources are my voice, VOLCA KEYS, VOLCA BASS, and ableton 808 drums because I dont have VOLCA BEATS yet.

wow 500 facebook/Volcas fans !
now its time to hear YOU !
feel free to post YOUR MUSIC on Volcas !

Volcas now shipping in Austria !

Fur deutsch Fans: Musotalk Test Volca Bass ! !

Volca Bass: Geile Bass-Line für ein Zehntel des Preises einer gebrauchten 303, oder nur ein billiges Spielzeug? Wie fett ist der Volca Bass wirklich?

oh yess its aciiieeeeeed !

Volca Bass - Is it good for Aciid ?!

Here's a demo of my brand new Korg Volca Bass synth. The Volca bass is an analog bass synthesizer with 3 voltage controlled oscillators, running through a si...

Volca Bass played with midi - demo

A quick video to show anyone who is interested how the Korg Volca Bass operates with a mapped midi keyboard, specifically the Akai MPK49. I have assigned the...