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Alice DeSousa Stewart
· June 14, 2016
BOLIVIA is a gorgeous country and the products from Kusikuy are made from the highest quality.
Tamara Stenn
· April 9, 2016
So informative and personable - really loving it! KUSIKUY is super soft, lasts forever and becomes my best friend.
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Day 52 – the Photo journey #Bolivia #quinoa

DAY 48 – The women’s quinoa bakery in Anzaldo #Bolivia #quinoa

Margarita Blanca had a dream. She saw the hard working women of her and the neighboring communities all working together to grind their own wheat and make it into the best, most delicious professi…

DAY 44 – What the quinoa women say #quinoa #bolivia

After weeks of trekking through the high salt flat plains, volcanic perimeters and mountain corridors, visiting over a dozen remote quinoa communities – Puerto Lluvica, Lluvica, Santiago, Bel…

DAY 43 – the Quinoa Tourism of San Juan #quinoa #bolivia

When one arrives in Uyuni, the Potosi capital of the Quinoa Real, one sees a dusty, salty outpost with low adobe houses, a few cement and brick hotels, many salt flat tour offices and not much else…

DAY 28 – Passing the whip – changing indigenous leadership. #Bolivia #quinoa

Today indigenous leadership changes. An elected pair of representatives from each of the 8 communities of Salinas come to take over from the previous pair who ruled. To be invited to be a leader …

DAY 30 – From field to factory – the hand processing of quinoa #Bolivia #quinoa

Quinoa grows in tall, tight sheaths with the seeds carefully encapsulates in a tight seed head. The seeds need to be removed from this head before being brought to the quinoa processing plant for …

DAY 25 – Cash flow in the quinoa lands #Bolivia #quinoa

The quinoa villages are quiet, children away on school vacations – visiting family in the cities, or city children coming in for a weekend in the town with their family. Most quinoa communities ar…

DAY 24 – Rural Credit and the Quinoa fields #Bolivia #quinoa

PRODEM, a privately financed bank in Bolivia founded in 1988 to provide financing to medium and small, rural businesses, has the solution. With over 2,600 employees and a network of 54 urban and 6…

DAY 23 – The Quinoa Processing Process #Bolivia #Quinoa

What happens to your quinoa before you buy it in the store? Here’s a photo essay of the quinoa cleaning process that each grain goes through before being shipped to the US. Thanks to farmer…

DAY 22 – Research versus Development #Bolivia #quinoa

As I enter into the quinoa lands which I have grown to know so well both in my initial 2015 field research and subsequent projects and research performed in UMass classrooms, I have a better idea o…

DAY 21 – When is research no longer “real search”? #Bolivia #quinoa

What is the role of a researcher? It can be that of a non-participant observer, like one watching Aristotle’s cave. An interpreter of images on a wall. Or is it can be a data gather. A survey tak…

DAY 20 - Industrialized Organic Quinoa - #Boliviaquinoajourney


Capura – a model Fair Trade quinoa town. #BoliviaQuinoaAdventure.

Legend has it that back in colonial times there was a tremendous rain storm. In this storm, two brothers living in Salinas Garcia de Mendoza – the illustration town on the edge of the salt f…

LEADERSHIP & WELL-BEING IN BOLIVIA'S QUINOA FIELDS - a 60 day journey. DAYS 16-18: a question to mull over.

What’s the difference between suitability and maintenance? As I’m here in the dry quinoa fields, seeing the dust fill the carefully plowed rows, hearing farmers tell me how they did not plant the …

In Bolivia working on Kusikuy and what's to come. #kusikuy2017

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KUSIKUY in review - off to Bolivia