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The Latest News from Phil & Kaja Foglio

Here's a page with all the information about the launch of Agatha H. & The Airship City. Phil and Kaja will be making several Seattle-area appearances to sign books! {Althea}

Hello, did I mention that here in the studio we are probably The most disorganized people on Earth? I mean, I hate to brag, but I'm afraid the the facts speak for themselves. 


Have we told you about our book? Apparently not. 



For the last several years, Kaja and myself have been taking the Girl Genius story and turning it into a series of prose novels. It's a fun bit of intellectual exercise, really. Whenever you start with a novel and adapt it into a comic or a movie, there's a lot of stuff you have to leave out. World building, background details, little scenes that just don't fit the narrative flow of a more visual medium. Well, we wrote Girl Genius as a comic first, so writing the novel was a way for us to finally get all that fiddly stuff down on paper. It was also a way for us to make a few changes. I mean, you write a scene, and you're pretty happy about it, and then a few years later you realize, "Oh wait, it might have happened like this". Well, guess what?  Further research by the professors of the Department of Irrefutably True History are always revealing new discoveries about the early life of Agatha Heterodyne which we would be remiss if we did not present to you, our readers, for evaluation and discussion.


We had been planning on publishing these novels ourselves. We had already installed this cunning little Guttenberg engine down in the basement, when certain editors in the already existing publishing establishment heard about our manuscript, and asked to see it. To our continuing astonishment, the first novel in the series, entitled 'Agatha H. and the Airship City' is being published by the very well respected Night Shade Press of San Francisco. We are told that it can be purchased in a bewildering variety of forms. Certain, well informed booksellers will have it in stock already. Patronize them (in the good way)! Brilliance Audio, who have been doing this sort of thing for quite awhile, will be releasing it as an audio book this January, you can get it for the Kindle, as well as various other electronic formats. 


We are shamelessly organizing a campaign to get those readers who want to order the book from, to do so on January 12th, in order to put us towards the top of the bestseller lists (if only for that day. It would make our mothers very happy).


Of course we will be offering the book and the Audio book for sale on the mighty Studio Foglio webstore sometime in January, as well as at our dealer's tables wherever we do conventions. And surely it does not need to be said (but say it we will) that we will continue to produce the Girl Genius webcomic. We are quite aware that certain people would hurt us if we stopped.


Prose novels are a new market for us, so we'll be bashing about pretty cluelessly for the next year or so, but we're rather excited about the whole thing, and we hope you'll like it.


Phil & Kaja Foglio


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Getting ready for the Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition. Up too late working... Oh, and my knee is healing nicely! (I didn't realize it had been so long since I wrote here...)

I'm having knee surgery tomorrow! I hope it helps... I'm trying to get a bunch of work done ahead of time so I can rest all weekend.

I'm supposed to be doing a mockup for a possible re-release of the Works card game cover. Instead, I'm... not. --Kaja

I walked up to the store, and was ridiculously pleased to discover that the clerk who helped me reads Girl Genius. Eeeee! I'm glad I wasn't buying anything embarrassing (reading glasses aside.) I'm such a dork.

GAH! After over ten years of behaving itself, my stupid knee is up to its old tricks. Remember back in the nineties when I had to walk with a cane? I have to walk with a stupid cane again. Feh. If I take lots of walks, the problem will probably go away again. That's what it took last time. --Kaja

Gah! Phil has been drawing all these T-shirt designs that he wants me to post to CafePress. I keep telling him I'm trying to get the pre-orders for Volume One set up. Also, our Christmas tree is still up.

Ah. The antibiotics seem to be helping. Even Phil was sick. That's pretty weird. Maybe we'll get more done, now. We've both been quite useless since around Thanksgiving...

The pre-orders are all out the door, and the minions are threatening revolt if we don't change the way we do them next time. Ha. The response was huge, much more than we expected. Phil drew a LOT of great sketches. Everyone worked their *s off. Their ampersands, too.

So, yesterday, we started work on a Girl Genius perfume line from ZOMG Smells. Today, I wandered off to Kuan Yin Teahouse for a bit of tea and sypathy with some friends.

Foo. Before I do anything fun, I have to letter tonight's page. I should have done it ages ago, but I always get behind... Volume Ten already. Gah! --Kaja

Ah, the sun went down a bit too soon for me today. I spent the afternoon tackling our back yard, which is a complete disaster. I am hoping for snow, and if we get it, I want to PLAY in it without stepping on a buried rake or something horrible the dog left out.

Blech. Today I, Kaja, am sick. Phil is off overseeing the school's comic club. This means that he brings them paper, pencils and some drawing books, and makes sure they don't kill each other for an hour. Yesterday, he was at the school teaching the kids how to lay out a story for comics. He'd better get some drawing done, too. Of course, I should talk. I'm just sitting in bed playing with the Internet.

Last night was the Kindergarten chorus event... after all these years of watching her brother on stage (and crying because she wasn't up there, too) Experiment #2 finally got to go up there and do her stuff. Let's just say, there's a lot of ham in our family.