Which one is your favourite sticker on Kakao Talk?


Hey Kakao talkers after a long break we are back with new ideas "Share&Meet" offically starts ^^ Ok here the our example we will share an Kakao Id and you can PM it for a friendly meeting
We will pick the ID by a lucky draw from comments! So dont for get to write your id and your location!
Our first lucky person: ID: murtaza196 Location: Busan/ Korea

Ever wonder what the Kakao Friends would look like...come to life?!

Behold Katalk Friends - our Kakao Friends...incarnated! Only in the Item Store. (PS. Feel free to SHARE this post!)
by Kakao Talk

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We're having so much fun chatting with the NEW Kakao Friends animated stickers for iPhone and Android - automatically downloaded to your emoticon tab when you update KakaoTalk!

Which one is your new favorite?
By Kakao Talk

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Another great event share your ID below here and every 20th persons' ID will be published by us !!! ( Exp: 20th , 40th , 60 th, 80 th ...) All for only more friends !!!^^

We have been receiving huge amount of messages related to Kakao Talk Problems, state your problems or questions below so let the Kakao fans answer them, this is easiet way to learn more about Kakao Talk !

We are recruiting content editors please apply below this post by commenting !

Largest Kakao Talk fan page ,share your ID below and connect more...

KakaoTalk is finally available on PC!
Download KakaoTalk for PC now at

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Ok Kakao lovers we have great contest today send your photo and Id with a private message to us then the between first 20 photos we will make a most pretty and most handsome person contest and the winners ID will be published whole week next to Admin's ID above the posts !!!
Join now and send your photo with the ID !!!! ^^
Stay with love...

How many V.I.P. Do we have here???

The first five person who will write greatest quote of the day and their Id I ll share the Ids here with all of you !!! Admin Id : beckhamoon

How to Say I love Kakao Talk in your languages ???

How is your day going? ^^ after this we will post on our Kakao Talk such a posts like For
Sad= ColdKakao ,
Happy= WarmKakao ,
In love: BoıiledKakao ,
Unsocial= Frozenkakao , ...
Looking for female: Looking For Milk ,
Looking for Male= Looking for Kakao Seed
!!! Use Kakao Words and make you world full of chocolate !! ^^
Do you have any other good combinations share with us !!!

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Are we adding the admin for a record??? ID: beckhamoon

State your Questions as post on the page Kakao Fans will be assisting you all !!!