So, this "National Coming Out Day" thing. What is this thing?
Myrin Darkdance? The Fox at Twilight?

Paladin senses tingling . . .


Well met. It has come to my attention that Myrin Darkdance isn't even using her own photo. It's a character from some newfangled bard thing called a "vimeo game."

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Kalen "Shadowbane" Dren updated their cover photo.
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Some friends are nothing but trouble.

Do you see parallels between Shadowbane characters and Batman heroes/villains?
Who and which?

Shadowbane vs. Batman. Discuss!

Author's Note: Any interaction with Kalen is liable to contain spoilers for the most recent Shadowbane book released (Eye of Justice). If you want a spoiler-free response, make sure to ask for one!

I've taken a break in my neverending crusade against villainy to answer your questions. What would you know?

The Triad vs the Threefold God vs the Masked Lady vs Amaunator/Lathander! #SB4spoilers

Kalen and Myrin marry and have a baby only for Kalen to die in a chariot crash. Oh wait, that's #DowntonPBS #SB4spoilers

I have a duty to fulfill, and a never-ending path to follow. Sometimes companions walk with me, but often I am alone. I love them while they are here and long for them when they are gone, but I never blame them. This is my path, and for better or worse, I will walk it.

In the name of pursuing justice, what villains in the Realms particularly need vanquishing? I'm creating a list.

Swords sharp and lanterns bright,
Peaceful be your vigil tonight!

(traditional Faerunian Solstice greeting)


Happy Holidays!

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Tonight, Myrin is dressing up as one of the Seven Sisters, Fayne as the Fox-at-Twilight, Cellica as Olive Ruskettle, and me? Well, I'm dressing up as myself.
Want to see it? Buy Downshadow tomorrow!

I admit it. I left the series at something of a cliffhanger with Shadowbane: Eye of Justice. What happens to Kalen? Does Ilira take her vengeance? Which of her dear friends does Myrin choose? And what’s the checkmate move in Lilten and Kirenkirsalai’s game?

Want to know why I left the Eye of Justice in Westgate three years ago? Or how I came to don the name "Shadowbane"?
Read my adventure "Heir of Shadowbane," a tale of treachery and a new path:…

Snow swirled outside the windows of the Rotten Root tavern. Inside, pipe smoke and laughter filled the stuffy common room, partially obscuring the otherwise unadorned charms of the dancer trying to get Kalen Dren’s attention. . . .

Shadowbane: Eye of Justice (September 6):
Unfinished business draws the Champion of dead Helm back to Westgate, the city where he learned to hunt and punish the guilty. But he discovers far darker secrets than he could have imagined.
And the mysterious Myrin stumbles upon secrets of her own--some of them light, some of them very dark. All of them enshrouding a dangerous elven shadowdancer called Lady Ilira, also known as the Fox-at-Twilight.