Things That Happen When You Stare Into The Unknown
(aka “A Special Anniversary for Me”):

“Non plus ultra” (nothing further beyond) was a warning to mark the edge of the known world on the Pillars of Hercules at the Strait of Gibraltar. Until Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain changed it to “Plus Ultra” (further beyond) and adopted it as the motto of Spain, following the discovery of the New World. This phrase has an underlying meaning of taking risks and striving... for excellence.

I used to sit on my balcony in Marbella overlooking the Mediterranean, staring at those Pillars of Hercules. I would gaze at the sea every morning, and day after day it instilled in me a sense of “What lies beyond?”

Until one day, exactly this day 10 years ago, I set off on a cross-Atlantic adventure to Canada that led me far beyond, to places that I never imagined I would experience.

Read on...…/things-that-happen-when-you-stare-into…

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At some point in your life you’ve probably wondered why you’ve got the name you’ve got. You may have even looked up the meaning of your name and discovered some cool things about yourself.

When I created Niki Owl in 1995, he had no name. He was just the owl. “My” owl.

It wasn’t until 1999 that I received his name after meeting several people within a short time frame that were called Nicholas, and I recognized this as a tap on the shoulders to give the owl its name. Nicholas ...

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I'm preparing translations into Spanish, German and French of the Niki Owl coloring book. While I'm at it, I figured it was time to give the English version a slight overhaul, and I'd love your help.

I'm updating the text on the cover so it's more clear what the book is about (this really helps people decide whether it's for them or not!).


Would you please help me pick one of these 2 new covers?

Cover 2 - "DREAMS"

Once you've decided, simply comment below with IMAGINATION or DREAMS as your preferred subtitle.

Muchas gracias!

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Every day is a great day to use your imagination...

Although we're fully booked for today's Imagination Masterclass, we still have room for Saturday if you want to jump in!

Simply click on this registration/payment link and I'll email you the details (plus a PDF of the coloring book since your physical copy will get shipped out early next week).



– we’ll go through the Niki Owl coloring book together, so you can learn how to make the best use of it, based on what’s important to you and what you’re looking to create in your life.
– we’ll talk about Love, Joy & Imagination, and how you can use these to help you contribute to a happier, healthier world every day.
– we’ll explore what imagination “does” to our brains and how we can use this to improve our relationships, work place and life itself.

The Masterclass will be held live and online, and will include a Q&A session where you can bring your specific questions to the table.

For more details:

Have an inspiring day!

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The "Activate Your Imagination Masterclass" will guide you through the coloring book to use it as your personal dream book and blueprint for your future. You


To those of you who messaged and replied to my Big Ask regarding Niki Owl, thank you. It means the world to me. I'll keep the "How you can help right now" simple for you (and anyone else catching up to this thread).

There are several ways you can help me build momentum for Niki Owl, and I'll be happy to share more with you on a call/message. Pick any or all:


1. Soak up and get up to speed with the overall mission and vision.

2. Dive into the Imagination Masterclass (it'll be the best $15 you invest in your creativity - I'll throw in an extra copy or two on the house for you to gift forward, but you have to do this by end of Sunday otherwise I can't guarantee your copy will arrive in time for either of the Masterclasses being held on Sept. 29th and 30th.

3. Niki Owl was created as a Gift Giver. Think of 3-5 people you'd love to gift a cool inspirational present to right now (or start prepping your holiday gifts), and I'll put a little package together for you with some extra copies on the house for you. Message me to coordinate the details.

4. If you have a bigger idea, let me know! Right now all ideas are being poured into a special place JUST for Niki Owl, but the first one that's already available and quick to distribute - the coloring book - needs to fly owl around the world. The novel will get its 2nd wind soon (to those of you who already purchased a copy of that one, stay tuned!).

5. I'm lining up special Thank You goodies for each one of you who takes action on this, because that's just who I am.

6. Like and share the Niki Owl FB page with your people. Tell them what Niki Owl means to you, what he inspires in you.

Got more questions? Send them to me, you have no idea what your inspiration and messages mean to me.


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Welcome to the Niki Owl Universe Where Your Joy Is Our Purpose "There are dreams that live


It's really easy to focus on inspiring kids to live their dreams. After all, kids are the adults of the future. But what about the adults of TODAY? The ones who still have dreams but are feeling stuck whilst managing careers, a family, and other responsibilities?

Imagine if adults had unique support to inspire their dreams, helping them exercise imagination, courage and discipline to create their intentions. What kind of life would they be living?... How much better off would their kids' lives be?

I believe it would be a much happier, healthier world for all of us. That's why I created Niki Owl.

If you’ve already experienced the Niki Owl books or downloaded some of the free stuff from the website, THANK YOU.

But Niki’s mission doesn’t stop with you.

It STARTS with you and he needs your help.

You see, I'm only one person, yet I have a big vision for Niki Owl. And visions are built step by step. Niki Owl is my Big Idea, my dream to help improve the world. There's more to Niki than the books you see, but it's a "start".

So, what if together we put 500 copies of the coloring book into the hands and hearts of people around the world THIS WEEK? What kind of laser focused positive impact do you think that will create?

Imagine 500 adults who are tired of feeling stuck, actually having a fun, tangible tool to rekindle their imagination, get unstuck, and feel like they can have fun with life again...

Think of parents, high performers who've hit a plateau, people in a career transition, teachers, people overcoming illness, business owners and Executives wanting to create a beautiful legacy, all with the power to affect positivity in their families and work environments... it would be quite the ripple effect, don’t you think?

How this is going to happen exactly, I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking you for help to reach those 500 people.

This can be people registering for the Imagination Masterclass ( and receiving their copies of the book.

This can be YOU ordering one or several copies directly from me, for your family, friends, and co-workers. Ask me about this.

It can be a personal introduction to someone who wants to inspire their whole team or company and sees the coloring book as a great way to do this. Yes, YOU the connector reading this.

It can be coaches wanting to give a thoughtful gift to their clients or even use the book to support the work they do to help them. Yes, YOU the coach reading this.

It can be any of those groups or you preparing upcoming holiday gifts.

The options are infinite, and that’s the fun part.

Will you help me help others activate the imagination that’s missing in their lives and work? And will you do this today, so we have time to get those books in the mail this week?

Happy people on purpose together make a happy world. It's really that simple.

With lots of Love and a million Thanks,

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School is starting up for many kids around the world. And for a lot of adults, it also means “going back to reality” of work.

If you’ve ever spent time trawling the shops with kids tugging at your sleeve wanting to pick out new school bags, pens, pencils, notebooks - you’ll notice they always go for something bright and colorful. They’re excited about the new stuff, and it’s not so much the material aspect - it’s what they get to CR...

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Somebody on LinkedIn posed the following sentiments, and I'm bringing the conversation to this platform:

"Sadly, it's become clear that it's not possible to have a constructive conversation on, Twitter, Facebook or even Linkedin."


Personally, I disagree. Most of my conversations on these platforms are pretty uplifting. However...

Do you feel that way? Do you get wrapped around imaginary trees of un-constructive conversations? Do you butt heads with people who are doggedly attached to what's NOT working and does it suck the life out of you?

Then I'm inviting anyone here - YES, YOU - to have such a creative/constructive conversation with me. Whatever you're inspired to talk about that you feel will help you move forward in your day, or with whatever you're creating in your life/business. Message me here, or send me an email/text/WhatsApp if you have my digits and we'll get to it.

The only "condition" is to bring the end goal in mind, and we'll take it from there.

Most people crave a good conversation that helps them feel better, happier and able to create what they want in life. Whatever that is for you, it starts by opening up to what CAN be, and speaking from that place.

With Love, Joy and Imagination,

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So you want to (or already have) put a new structure in place to meet your dreams and goals in life.


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If you read my previous post, you saw this one coming

It’s no joke. Without going into nitty gritty details or productivity prompts, these are some core aspects of what it’s going to take to develop a life by design, versus a life by default where most people live automatically and linearly (ie. go to school, get a job, get married and have kids, take the kids to school, save enough to put them through college so they can do the sam...

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I was struggling to get my daily routine the way I like to flow. I wasn’t feeling settled in myself. Every morning I set out with the best intentions, but I seemed to slip into a time warp of “other people’s stuff” and I was tired at the end of the day. No energy left to read a good book to feed my mind, feel conversational with my co-pilot, or write at the level I enjoy. I just wanted to go to sleep and try again the next day.

I felt ina...dequate, like a fake, and annoyed at myself, “I can do better, I have done better.”

Do you ever feel that way?

Read how I changed this for me, and how you can too:

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It was 1945, and WWII had just ended. A 9 year old boy, tucked away amidst the rubble of war-torn Vienna, watched as the Russian soldiers rolled into his home town with their tanks. All of a sudden, from behind, one of those soldiers hauled him out of his hiding place.

“Go home, it’s safe now,” he was told. And off the boy went to be with his grandparents.


The soldier could have ignored my dad and carried on checking the area for enemy soldiers, but he didn’t. He stopped to help.

At its simplest, this was an act of one stranger helping another stranger. There was no other exchange or expectation of one.

It was one human being extending his commitment to help another be well.

Now, whilst the story I just shared was based on extreme circumstances (and some people are still experiencing such battles) most of us are blessed with living in a safe environment. However, there are subtle battles that we all face.

These “battles” are the internal conflicts of wanting to experience our ideal life, with the people and things that we value. And for that, we also need support, because if left untended, this can still kill people (of any age and background) and destroy relationships, business, visions, etc.

As I continue my mission to help as many people create fulfillment in their lives (whatever that looks like to them), I encounter some skepticism from those who don’t quite know what to do with this offer to help. And that’s okay.

I reach out to help because it’s my moral obligation as someone who cares deeply that people liberate themselves, and experience fulfilled lives.

The truth is, I never know what someone needs when I reach out to them, nor where the conversations we have will go. Sometimes they lead to a direct relationship where I support them in creating their ideal life, and sometimes it’s simply connecting them with another person, or another resource to help them along. Either way, I’m happy to help because of the powerful ripple effect this causes.

What matters to me is that we engage. Because without that, we do not help each other move forward in life. This is how we improve circumstances all across the world. These are the best battles to win, because over time they wipe out the extreme ones that serve nobody.

I’m here to help people create the life and respect they deserve. That includes YOU.

So, what can I help you with?

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Karin Pinter added a post from January 12, 2017 at 7:30pm to their timeline.

Today is my dad’s birthday. He’s 81. Yep. He’s a trooper.

What most of you don’t know is that he grew up in Vienna during WWII. He was 3 years old when it started and therefore 9 when it ended. Most of the stories he told me about growing up during that time were obviously around challenges and hardships (friends “disappearing”, air raids, dealing with food shortages...). But he’s always told those stories as though they were an adventure. He always found something “fun” in t...he experiences, because that’s what kids do. And what he witnessed certainly wasn’t fun. They were the things that crushed souls, not to mention lives. But it made him a stronger person for it.

Even with that kind of youth, he was able to look for joy. For gifts. For ways to create. He translated that into a world class musical career of the highest levels. He used this income to pay for his civil engineering degree. If you’ve ever been to the Mato Grosso in Brazil you may well have driven on a highway he built. And if you’ve walked along the piers at Puerto Banús, you walked on something he was involved in building too.

Of all the people I know, he’s the one who taught me the most about resilience. And I didn’t know he’d taught me this until I had to use it for myself. It’s really an exercise in faith. Funny things our parents show us growing up but we’re not aware until later on, right?

Of all the people I know, if anyone would have had the “best reason” to shrink and play small, he could have. But he’s always had that spirit of “just keep going” no matter what. And he’s had some major ups and downs throughout his life.

He taught me resilience and resourcefulness. That is one of the best gifts a parent can give to their children, and that’s what I strive to gift anyone who comes into my life.

No matter the hardships, no matter the “chaos” of a situation, just keep going. You’ll find your way through. You will overcome. And you will find joy. When you feel all is lost, it’s simply ego losing the battle and trying to hang onto the last threads. Listen to the whispers that say, "I now have true freedom to BE ME" and live it.

It takes courage to have true willingness for what IS possible, and let it happen, especially if you’re used to really old painful habits. But it is absolutely possible, for everyone.

Just ask my dad. He grew up during one of the most painful times humanity has experienced, and out of that he was still able to create harmony and lasting evidence of his presence here.

Happy Birthday Dad. Thank you for showing me how you created joy in your world, so I could go create joy in mine, and share it with others. Thank you for showing me how to "build things that last," from relationships to an impact in this world. Most of all, thanks for being my dad.

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By George, what a year.

It’s been quite the battle of the Forces, wouldn’t you agree?

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Niki Owl


This is my wish for you… not just for Christmas, but every day.
Share the gift of YOU with the world.
Big Love - Karin


I’m going to get straight to the point.

If we don’t make time as adults to ensure that our kids, our friends’ kids and any kids we interact with are given the love, support and encouragement they need to grow into healthy, happy and fulfilled adults who feel they can have the life they dream of, then they’re going to grow up as non-believers of dreams, doubters of their abilities, and skeptical of a life well lived. Those kids grow up to feel they’r...e not deserving of a beautiful life. It’s a very sad and painful existence.

It hurts my heart to see this in anyone. Especially when someone has convinced themselves that they do not deserve a better life, because someone they looked to for guidance as a kid didn’t have the conscience, capacity or caring to be present to their dreams. This HAS to change.

Never be so caught up in whatever you think needs to be done that you’re not caring for the people in your inner circle. Ever.

Never tell anyone they can’t dream.

Never tell anyone they can’t aspire to something.

Never tell anyone they can’t have what they say they want (unless it’s really unhealthy).

Never let your own limitations get in the way of someone else’s dreams.

This is why it’s important to me that the Niki Owl coloring book be put in the hands of as many people as possible. It’s not just any coloring book, it’s purpose is to inspire and engage the reader as they color in their own life with Niki Owl as their guide. Reminding them of their strengths, their qualities, and helping recover their love for life itself.


Will you be the giver of Love, Joy and Imagination to someone you know is in desperate need of this kind of support?

Whether they’re 8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 58, or beyond, please pick up a copy of this coloring book and make sure someone gets the chance to re-kindle their love for life:

Save a kid’s life, no matter what “age” they are. And who knows? It might even be your own life you save.

Eternally grateful,

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I was that artistic kid making things from any craft materials I could get my hands on. I was thrilled by how much joy what I made gave to people. Niki Owl is what became of that childhood “pastime”.

So I know how much we need to encourage kids these days to express their joy and vision through art, and create a life of their choosing.

Which is why I feel this event by I’m sharing with you by ArtHouse Kids Studio and Gallery is so important. Please read the original post via ...Niki Owl's page and share with your friends.

Thank you!

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Niki Owl


I believe that art truly is a vehicle for harmony, connection and transformation, for both the gift-maker and the gift-receiver.

I was ...that artistic kid making things from any craft materials I could get my hands on. I was thrilled by how much joy what I made gave to people. Niki Owl is what became of that childhood “pastime”.

So I know how much we need to encourage kids these days to express their joy and vision through art, and create a life of their choosing.

Which is why I feel this event I’m sharing with you is so important.

If you or your friends live near San Jose, CA, please go to the “HEARTMADE: Handmade Holiday Gifts” show created by my friend, Julie Fountain Stover. She’s the mastermind behind ArtHouse Kids Studio and Gallery.

This Creative Holiday Gift Show showcases over 30 amazing local artists, children’s art for fundraising, and global artists that give back to a variety of wonderful causes and nonprofits.

Niki Owl coloring books will be available at this show, and this means a lot to me, for many reasons.

If you can’t make it to the event, please forward this post to your friends, family or colleagues who will love it.

You can also share the event here:


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