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Mark Johnson
· May 18, 2014
I really hope the staff learns how a good restaurant should work. We used to go to Karl's (the Riverbend one) for anniversaries and special occasions. The new one is not good enough yet.

The food is ...delicious, it's the other stuff that comes up short. Staff was not paying attention, too many staff people not adding value. When we go through the buffet line, there may or may not be a person to help us get certain things: Eggs Benedict, roast beef etc. We cannot get these things ourselves if there is no utensil to serve it with.

An when we go through the buffet line, there really is no excuse for the busboy to strip our table bare, taking away our napkins, drinks, even the tablecloth. If the waiter were paying attention to his table, this would never happen.

The East wall of the building is nearly all glass, and there is no window covering whatsoever. If a seat faces that way, the glare is uncomfortable. Too much contrast with the rest of the room's illumination.

These things are fixable. They were not a problem with the old Karl's. We will wait a month or two before returning, but stronly hope to see things improve.
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Mike Jennings
· May 10, 2014
I was so excited to see this place open. Finally after so long Susie and Karl and back!!!! I have seen a couple of negative comments on here, but come on people lighten up! Who here has opened a resta...urant and tried to work out all of the kinks? Not me that is for sure. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to take on something like that.... great food, great service, and most importantly great people!!!!! See More
Peggy Godin Byars
· May 3, 2014
Food was great, as always. Was good to be back. Have some kinks to work out. Way too long to order and get food, servers need to greet guests quicker . . . Might even need to hire more waitresses so t...hey don't have as many customers to wait on. Food was worth the wait. We will be back when things calm down ;-) See More
Cat Kallina Tschida
· January 28, 2015
We just moved here and we went there for my birthday! It was all delicious and I was so excited to find a truly romantic, elegant, gourmet restaurant this close to our new home. Add a jazz combo or gu...itar player in the bar and I will be there every night! See More
Isabella Maria Nidever
· June 15, 2014
Literally grew up eating Chef Karl's food. I really miss the old location though, it had so much charm. Food is still absolutely fantastic, my only complaint is that there was no raspberry jam/sauce. ...It's an addiction that I have been deprived of! See More
Brad Jones
· May 21, 2014
3 words. It's an Experience. Great service, incredible food, and older crowd
Plan accordingly as this should be treated as a mutlti course meal, meaning the wait staff does not rush you, and waits fo...r you to finish each course before bringing the next. Plan on relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere. See More
June Windrow
· May 4, 2014
Not enough cooks in the kitchen!!! Too many tables to cook for and not enough staff BUT the food is out of this world! We will NOT wait 2 1/2 hrs. for a meal there again. Need flat bread baskets, salt and pepper shakers. This will be the BEST restaurant in Fort Bend County once the kinks are worked out. Nice and quiet to share a meal with friends. We will be back. Hang in there guys......might want to limit how many you can serve until you get more qualified cooks and staff. (CLOSE ONE DINNING ROOM FOR NOW!)
PS: While we were waiting, we did noticed the new comfortable chairs! ;-)
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Michael Teare
· May 1, 2015
Was there for Karl's last night, yesterday evening. As always the service was great and food was exceptional. I am going to miss Karl's Holstein Schnitzel and Eggs Benedict :(
Sharyl Wolter
· May 11, 2014
We went today. Party of 9 for 1:00 Mother's Day. So glad you are back. We all ate too much. Eggs Benedict, Roast beef, bacon, sausage, mimosas, etc. I need a nap!
Debra Rx Charlie Stribling
· April 24, 2014
Hey. Their giving our son Taylor a job!!!! Love the food. We are so excited that they will be opening back up at New location. Cannot wait!
Nathan Nigrelli
· May 3, 2014
You're deleting negative posts from people who've been to your restaurant tonight. Not gonna work guys!
Javier Denison
· May 30, 2015
Best restaurant in the area, sad to see it go.

Paulette Burnes Salanon
· July 20, 2013
See you are moving to my neighborhood. So happy. Best whiskey sours ever! Plus the food is excellent
Joe Garcia Jr.
· October 30, 2015
Good restaurant and food.
Janae Flint Merchant
· May 9, 2014
The bartender (Eric) was really friendly and Awesome!
Joe Kacal
· July 30, 2013
Miss you guys.
Bergson Hernandez
· February 27, 2013
Buena comida excelente atencion
Sue Hertlein
August 21, 2014
Checking out the new Karl's

It looks like it will be quite a while (if ever) before we can open another restaurant. So we are selling some of our pictures that hung in the restaurant. If you loved a particular one, let us know and maybe we can work out something. You would be having a piece of Karl's. Contact us through

Here"s Karl, preparing sauteed salmon on one of the last nights of Karl's. Help him keep doing what he does best by clicking on Denise's post to donate $$$ toward a new restaurant. And please share

Image may contain: one or more people, food and indoor

Denise Kurt has started a crowd-funding campaign for us to help us get a new restaurant. Check it out!

Karl Camenzind is from a mountain community in central Switzerland. He was born into a family of hoteliers, great cooks, and a butcher, so he was destined to have a life in the food industry. Ever since childhood, Karl’s dream was to cook refined and inspired cuisine. He started his career in Eur...

We are looking into crowd funding. If we cannot fund a new restaurant, we could at least alleviate some of the debt we are left with. Does anybody know anything about Go Fund Me?"

Karl was grinning ear to ear. It has made his night!

I was just out in the dining room visiting with some customers, and the most wonderful thing happened. I heard clapping, looked up and saw a table of six people standing and clapping. Then I looked over to where they were looking, and it was Karl coming out to their table. Then the whole dining room started clapping. What a sweet thing to do. I had to hurry back to the office so people wouldn't see my tears.

Remember all those apple strudels we were selling before Christmas? We thought we'd offer them again so you'd have a last chance to get one before we close April 30th. It's best to order a day or two ahead if you want one. They're $27.00 each--and freezable.

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Karl's Restaurant and Bar added a new photo.
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Karl's Last Days are fast approaching so please come and visit us soon.

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We sold all the halibut last night. So, we got another one in today!Yay! Super Fresh Halibut again tonight! And don't forget the Seared Scallops.

We just got our fresh halibut a few minutes ago. Only 17 pounds this time, but really heavy to hold up like this. Karl is really working to smile like I told him to. He'll cut it into filets and it'll be ready to cook for your dinner tonight.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

We have Halibut! Fresh Alaskan Halibut! Delivered just this morning. Karl says he can sauté it encrusted with Texas pecans (actually, pecans from our tree at home that we shelled ourselves), or Meuniere style (with flour and browned butter) or with a burre blanc sauce.
Besides Halibut, we have Seared Scallops, Chilean Sea Bass, Trout Almondine or Salmon Santa Fe, or Cedar Plank Salmon.
It's Friday. Time to enjoy Seafood.

A quiet moment at our Sunday Brunch Buffet.

Image may contain: table and food

Karl's Birthday Special! Thursday, March 12th. A 6 ounce Top Sirloin with Salad, Vegetables and French Fries or Rice Pilaf for $7.95. ALL DAY. He came up with this price. It's his b'day, so I guess it's his prerogative. Guess how old he is. You won't get anything extra for it, but it could be fun to see what people think.

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