International women's day
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I have written before about Stephen Hawking and how he stayed alive for so long. This genius man looked at diet - well of course he did and ate the following... we will never know whether his mind kept him alive which I do think was the main driver or partly a diet which he had researched fully - it doesn't matter. Maybe a mixture of both - who knows. As I type this I find myself tearful.. what a man..

Stephen Hawking developed motor neurone disease when he was in his early 20s. Most patients with the condition die within five years, and according to the Motor Neurone Disease Association, average life expectancy after diagnosis is 14 months.

What do you think of this FB peeps - it's divided some friends of mine

ITV's Andrea McLean, who reached early menopause, tells commuters to cut hot flush sufferers "slack".
It takes little time and effort to transform a forgotten can of chickpeas or butterbeans into a winning salad, main course or side dish
Ignore government guidelines to beat diabetes, obesity, heart disease and save NHS hundreds of millions, UK Prime Minister told. by Rob Lustig | Mar 15, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments A news release about Dr. Aseem Malhotra’s work in the U.K.- Released 3-14-18 Government guidelines that advise ...

Dinner during the Great Depression - turnips and cabbage

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A hysteroscopy examines the inside of the womb and improves diagnosis, health officials say.

Morning Facebook followers, hope you are all doing ok out there and staying away from the winter bugs. I'm deep in a really new exciting project which involves national coverage and a book so have been less proactive on here (that's me engaging once a day rather than three times a day!). I always post lovely emails and testimonials on here so you guys can make informed choices of who to chance with your health. Here's one this morning:

Dear Kate

I wanted to thank you so much ...for 100% clearing up my bowel problems. I was cutting out this and that from my diet and getting into a right flap about it. I'm so sorry if I came across totally neurotic. When I last you I went home and sobbed as it seemed to simple. I had lactose intolerance. That was it, nothing more, nothing less. You gave me this cool sheet of ingredients to avoid and potentially reintroduce and that was it! My GP is really impressed and thank you so much for liaising with her. It's on my notes now and I have been symptom free for three months. The daily bouts of diarrhoea have totally gone. The odd thing is that when I spoke to my mother about it, she said to me she thinks she might have the same problem. It's good to get it properly tested not just remove dairy foods and hope for the best. Thanks Kate, you've really given me more confidence to go about my day to day life. Celia, Horam

ps this lovely lady was not neurotic at all, just terrified that she was going to be caught short at the cinema, at the theatre, out with friends and always looking for a loo... totally understandable

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Reposting this case history for a few of you that were interested. Please inbox for more queries about diet and mental health.

Tom was 26 yrs old and when I saw him, he was sectioned in a psychiatric hospital north of London. He had been diagnosed with schizophrenia - he heard music, not voices, had self harmed, and been in and out of hospital for six years. His mother was very concerned at his overall health - she felt he had got worse in hospital and he was now sedated much... of the day. He had been violent and aggressive towards her so when I visited Tom I had to wear a bleep and have the door open during my visit. I was shocked to see how ill a 26 yr old can look like, when they have not been diagnosed with any physical health problem. He was very pale, very black under the eyes with a face covered in acne, and underweight. Most of his teeth were missing. He looked worn out with a system that was not working for him. It took me three visits to engage with him and to get him to trust me. He was keen to do anything to get better and agreed to some testing. His diet consisted of black coffee, ten cigarettes a day, no water, chips and five Dr Pepper fizzy drinks which seemed to be the only drink on offer. The vending machine in the hallway sold only fizzy drinks and chocolate bars.

With the help of his psychiatrist who was skeptical but helpful we found the following:

Tom had scurvy. Tom was positive to tissue transglutaminase antibodies ie he had coeliac disease. His B12 levels were extremely low. He had very low levels of zinc. His blood sugar was very low at various points of the day. I'm not sure what the psychiatrist actually thought of the results or me (!) but he was immediately on board to correct what we had found. He did not think vitamin B12 injections or zinc would make a difference. But... they did. Tom followed a gluten free diet, cut out coffee, we balanced his blood sugar as much as we could within the confines of hospital food and he drank water instead of Dr Pepper. He was given Vitamin C, B12 injections and high levels of zinc. And little by little.. he got better to the extent that he is now out of the hospital and working part time. He still smokes and he still has bad days but is now off every medication except a low level anti depressant. There have been no violence or aggressive outbursts, and no bouts of self harming for two years. Tom recently visited India and has become vegetarian and meditates for an hour a day. He feels this has pushed him further on the path to recovery.

Clearly, this won't happen with everyone. Mental issues are complex and multifactorial however in this incidence it was the stepping stone for Tom making a near full recovery

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A lack of essential nutrients is known to contribute to the onset of poor mental health in people suffering from anxiety and depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and ADHD. Nutritional psychiatry is a growing discipline that focuses on the use of food and supplements to provide these essential...

An incredible human being. He also had an extraordinary diet and had of course researched the best one for ALS, together with B12 injections. Also a wonderful sense of humour.

"However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.

It matters that you don’t just give up."

Study finds people already suffering from heart problems are 37% less likely to die early if they eat a diet rich in vegetables, nuts and fish

Fantastic restaurant chain. Awesome food. This is Tony Kitous

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Posted by Tony Kitous
Tony Kitous added a new video to the album: Feasts from the Middle East Red Pepper Salad.

Happy Women's day
Today is one of the proudest days in my life!
My newest cookbook is NOW OUT!


This book is full of recipes from my childhood that my dearest mum Zohra used to cook for me and my sister and brothers in Algeria, as well recipes I have eaten through my travels through Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria. It also shares my personal stories growing up in my hometown Tiziouzou in Algeria.
One of my biggest reasons for writing
is very much to get the world to taste our healthy and delicious food and discover our generous culture.

I never thought one day I will be living in London, doing a job I love so much, and working with the most passionate and amazing people that I proudly call my family, plus making new wonderful friends along the way.

I am dedicating this book to my mother and my father (who has sadly passed away). You can get your copy of my newest book from all our restaurants near you Comptoir Libanais, Yalla Yalla, Levant and Kenza.
Also available in all bookstores near you, and all Waitrose and Waterstone stores.
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A documentary following the abuse of performance enhancers from the sports arena to the dorm room
A welcome into the store and an information point for customers who want to use it. There are help points in the store where staff are aware of your needs and can lend a hand. There are chairs around the store, in case you need to take a break.

When you really burn out it takes time to recover. It's also really tricky to understand what the impact has been on your immune system. It's almost as if you have to wipe the slate clean and check in on everything in your life. I have a two hour Chronic Fatigue Syndrome consultation for this very thing that gives us the time to look at every aspect of your life. If you would like more information on this to see if it might be suitable for you please do contact us on 01323 737814/310532.

Half a million people in the UK suffer from work-related stress, and psychological breakdown can creep up without warning. But what, exactly, is this ‘state of vital exhaustion’, and how can you come back from it?

International women's day

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#Internationalwomensday #inspiration This is where I get my daily inspiration from.. an awesome set of grandmothers

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