Dear All.
We had a meeting and discussed the below points with Rajkumar on Sunday 17-04-2016.

Rajkumar has invited all the members at KBNOWS Site on Sunday (24th of April) for the discussion on below points.


1. As per Rajkumar, He is handing Over 200 Flat Keys to the 200 Flat owners in 2 months time, and he will complete the whole project in Six months time from now and hand over all the flats to the flat Owners, Which seems to be unrealistic at the moment.

2. Rajkumar will give the physical measurement of the flats by the Super Area, built up area and Carpet Area, he will also get us the clear picture of the amount on the so called increased area of each flat for which he is sending the letters to make the payment.

3. The current firefighting system is faulty since its going through the glass above the main door in the each flat. Rajkumar will show the rectification on the same at site.

4. We discussed on the USP of this project with Rajkumar, which was stability of the building on the magnitude of 9-10 Richter scale.
He showed us two letters to us. Out of these two one letter seems to be the quotation and the other one is just saying the design and drawing are checked and as per the specification under few standards. Again here the point is noticeable that the issued letter is not showing that the design and specification is as per the 9-10 Richter scale. Also surprisingly there is no audit is done on the site so far, if the building is being constructed as per the 9-10 Richter scale. So we don't know if the building is able to sustain even 6-7 Richter scale earthquake. As there are chances that he is not building as per 9-10 Richter design and specification. I am attaching both the letters for your reference in the same email.

5. The flat Owners who had rejected the modular Kitchen and Almirah work, but Rajkumar is still sending the letters to all to make the payment. He will arrange to note down the rejection request on the site.

6. As per Rajkumar, the society is no more, that's why the AGM is not taking place since last 3 years.
So logically the amount taken on the basis of society should be refunded to the flat owners.

7. We will also discuss unnecessary interest imposed on the letters due to the payment delay whereas he is liable to pay us back the interest amount on account of delay of project. Also since most of us might be in rented primes where we are paying unnecessary rent, losing the benefit of tax re-bait, bank EMI that too with Interest.

So I request you all in prior to make yourself available for Sunday 24-04-2016 at KBNOWS Site.

Remember "Unity is Strength".


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Pramod Lohani : I have visited the site on 25.04.2015 to see the progress of the construction as Shri Rajkumar ji has told us that the handing over of the flats will be starting wef March2015 from Tower D. But to my surprise the work have not completed even in that tower. What about other onces. The work is very slow. Shri Rajkumar ji should see and check the quality of work personally instead of diverting the attention to other new projects and social services. Hope favourable action at the earliest from his end.

Constructions Progress Date : 14/01/2015 — in Greater Noida.
Date : 14/01/2015…

KBNOWS SOCIETY added 10 new photos to the album: Constructions Progress Date : 14/01/2015 — in Greater Noida.

Date : 14/01/2015

Message from "Prithvi Raj Gupta" :- A Tower : 14th floor; B Tower : 13th floor; C Tower : 2nd floor; D Tower: 18th floor

Message from "Pradeep Verma" :- Today I got SMS from KBNOWS that I have been allotted flat at 16th floor. How can these people allott a flat with conducting a draw?? Cheaters and Fraud..............

Please find the latest pics and information on the link


A Tower : 4th floor;
B Tower : 4th floor;
C Tower : Ground floor;
D Tower: 13th floor;

Tower D - slab for 6th floor completed.
Tower B - slab for 1st floor completed.
No brick work started yet....

Current booking rate for new flats in KBNOWS Noida Extension project is increased to Rs. 2970/- Per Square Foot!

New Website of KBNOWS:


Contact Email IDs :

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KBNOWS Up-Coming Projects (Diwali Limited Offer)

KBNOWS have made an agreement for purchase of land in L-Zone Najafgarh, Dwarka, Phase – II, New Delhi to be allotted by D.D.A., just few minutes’ drive from Palam Airport & Sec-12, Noida Extn. ( U.P.) to be allotted by GNOIDA and on this auspicious occasion of the Diwali festival, KBNOWS likes to present its well wishers a never before offer of 10% discount for only 100 Flats out of total 500 Flats purely on first come first ...serve basis with Floor PLC Free till 3rd November, 2013.

Location of land : L - Zone Dwarka Phase II ( Najafgarh) , Delhi
Area : 3 acre land to be allotted by DDA
Rate : Rs.3500/- per sq. feet on super area

Location of land : Sec-12, Noida Extn. (U.P.)
Area : 5 acre land to be allotted by GNOIDA
Rate : Rs. 2700/- per sq. feet on super area

Location of land : Yamuna Expressway, just 25 minutes drive from Pari Chowk
Area : 110 acre
Land already purchased near J.P. group site and the possession
of land has been taken over and boundary wall has been completed.
Rate : Rs.1400/- per sq. feet on super area

Membership Fees : Rs.11,000/-
Registration Amount:-
Dwarka Phase II ( Najafgarh) , Delhi -> Rs.5,00,000/-
Sec-12, Noida Extn. (U.P.) -> Rs.5,00,000/-
Yamuna Expressway -> Rs.2,50,000/-

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