My tech story today is about Microsoft's attempt to make passwords easier, especially without keyboards. See you on the FoxCT News@4.

Total shock to me. Linda McMahon ad exclusively showing people saying they're voting for President Obama AND McMahon. #StrangeBedfellows.


I have turned off posting to this page. As you might imagine the message in its name is outdated!
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It's official: Fox on FoxCT. More later, but I'm very excited.

Click the bold text to read about the largest number I've ever run across (OK -- this might only appeal to the nerdiest among us).

Helaine was in the kitchen going through the mail when she called me in. She was looking at the cable bill, now surpassing the monthly rent for my first apartment!
I am rumor-boy! Twitter is buzzing about me. Bloggers are blogging. I guess it’s tough to walk through a newsroom without making a little news!

A little radar explainer if you're interested. Just click the bold text.

I’m hearing thunder in the distance so I fired my browser to take a look at the radar. NEXRAD, the Weather Service radar really is a marvel of technology. There’s a lot to see if you know what to look for.
Back when I was gainfully employed I seldom visited other TV stations. Now it’s different. I drove up to Hartford to see some friends at the Courant and FoxCT. It’s a very impressive place!
I just finished watching an old movie, “The Key” starring William Holden and Sophia Loren. It ran on Antenna TV the digital subchannel of WTIC Fox61. I sat through the commercials (never knew hazy headlights were such a problem) and watched the whole thing.

I had my first meeting tonight... on the phone... as I begin to design my "good deed."

I am excited for the Beacon Falls Congregational Church. They’re the folks for whom I’ll be designing a website–winners of my “good deed.” They’re excited too.
I was feeling pretty down about the whole scenario until I walked past the front door. There are trees out front including a few flowering trees. They’re flowering!

Here's the offer I made March 31. Now we've got a winner! Click the bold text to read more.

If you’re involved with a small charity or civic organization listen up. I want to make you an offer. Among the skills I’ve been honing here in my “off season” is web design. I’d like to design a website for a small charity or civic organization. I will do it for free, no strings attached.

Click the bold text to see what a strong jet makes the severe weather in the Midwest even more dangerous.

There’s a big severe weather outbreak still underway this weekend. At least one Iowa town was flattened yesterday with 31 tornadoes reported overall. Today it’s ‘only’ six. The evening is young. Three Four tornado watches and one severe thunderstorm watch are up as I type.
I picked up the paper this morning and went to the opinion pages. I’m so old school. I was drawn to a piece by Maureen Dowd because of the lead sentence: “Bob Dylan may have done the impossible: broken creative new ground in selling out.”
Spring is here… well at least temporarily. The Sun was shining. The birds were chirping. Helaine was plotting. She had garage on her mind. She was not to be denied!
I don’t think the Google-boys read my blog (though Google itself indexes my blog within seconds), but if they do I’ve got a suggestion. It relates to how we use the Internet and wasn’t much of a problem when Google rubbed its first back.
I used to read Matt Drudge’s Drudge Report all the time. By-and-by he’s become more conservative and more a “Hey you kids–off my lawn,” frustrated, angry man!. Now I only go to Drudge when I want to get upset… like tonight!