Just sharing the videos from 3-17-13. Please share any photos or videos you have .
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So another year of traffic jams and trash left on the ground has come and gone. How did everyone fair Saturday during the Ironman? I know friends of mine spent Sunday cleaning water bottles out of their ditch on Jackson Road. What happened to the "We have clean up crews". Come on IronMan, if you are going to ruin every ones day and hold up traffic at least be respectful of the communities your riding through.

Just a site that can give you the times and routes for the race this Saturday. Be careful out there. The weather is going to make it doubly hazardous for anyone traveling this route.…/ironman/texas/athletes/course.aspx…

This race boasts a flat and fast course in the heart of Texas.

I know there have not been posts lately. Busy life. But the weather is changing and the bikes are on the roads. Be prepared when driving 149, 1486 and most of the other 2 lane roads. Have a great day!

For those who have decided that the letters, post or what have you are poorly written, then why don't you help instead of bashing. I have done most of this on my own and it has gotten the message out there. If you want to help then use your eloquent wording and help me, instead of using it against what we are trying to do. For me personally it is all about the safety for EVERYONE using the roads. I have been met with opposition and harsh words from both sides of this and its no one is willing to jump up on this fence with me but ready to throw tomatoes from both sides. This use to be me and 1 other heading up the fight, now It is just me carrying it on. I do not take anything posted on her personal but don't understand why some don't step up and help a cause they know has merit but just can't get out there. As always watch for those on 2 wheels and 4+... the difference could mean a lot to others.
Thanks for all the support from everyone.

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This is something that needs to be adressed for the safety of the local people who live in the areas effected and for the non locals that use these...

This is the picture that was used on YAHOO. Thanks

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Keep Rural Roads Safe KRRS

New signs we made today. Thanks for the suggestions for them and also thanks for the sign requests we received. We will try to get them all delivered/hung this ...week. If you didn't get your request in yet pick one of the sayings above or share a new one you would like to post on your property.. You can email it to us if you want. We appreciate all the support and keep spreading the word KEEP RURAL ROADS SAFE!

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Welcome new readers. Please do not think we are cyclist haters here. We have had some very heated discussions in the past due to this. Our goal was to get some kind of understanding to all about the dangers that arise when roads are shared by cyclist and Any motorized vehicle . We are still working to get something done to help make Our country roads better for everyone involved.

I just discovered that KRRS has been used in a story on Yahoo involving some idiot that beat a cyclist with a bat here in Conroe. I am in shock. Nothing that KRRS has ever posted was to invoke violence on anyone. Those who are just dropping by to be obscene to our group don't bother. We have heard it all. We tried to get some notice to the dangers of the roads and get something done to make them safer . We worry not only for cyclist traveling the roads but for the vehicles that come up on them with no where to go.
I hope the guy with road rage gets the punishment he deserves.

Sorry that the page has been sleeping for a while. Busy Busy Busy with back to school and sports. We are still working towards the same goal, Safe roads for all of us traveling on these narrow two lane country roads. With the heat of the summer there were less cyclists than usual. I hope that everyone has continued to drive safely and ride safe and those who live out here appreciate the courtesy all show,.

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FOX 26 Houston

SkyFOX captured video of the site in the Dobbin area of Montgomery County where a house explosion was reported and from where at least three people, including a... 5-month-old child, were taken by at least two Life Flight medical helicopters to Memorial Hermann Hospital - Texas Medical Center.
(please mute the video clip)

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Mercy for the Mocks

The bracelets should arrive middle of next week, I have written down all names that have ordered and we will not charge for them until they come in. is what you enter when you go on paypal to pay. I only have about 50 left, but will be ordering more this week. Thanks again for all the support and kind words!!! Please continue to pray for the family!!!

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Page to show support for the local family facing the tragedy of the home explosion in Dobbin Texas.

On June 11 there was an explosion that took the lives of two wonderful women, Wyatt is the miracle that survived that day and he needs our prayers!!

Sorry there have been no posts or updates lately. There have been some very upsetting weeks since the IronMan race. Friends in the hospital for health reasons and accidents. We are still working on how to get City officials to make the roads better for all and would love to hear from riders their take on the road conditions out here.
Thanks for still be supportive and we will get posts back updated shortly