Did you get on Facebook so you could see people trade insults and hatred? Me neither. The battling political posts are just sad and disgraceful. Please stop engaging and contributing to this insanity.

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We would all enjoy more of these...

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Felt it necessary to "post" this one again....


As we enter the next president's time in office, please keep in mind that we are all in this together. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but please be respectful and civil with each other. Better yet, don't engage in politics on Facebook at all. This site was created to help people connect with each other, not for divisiveness and conflict.

Lift each other up and lend a hand when you can. Attacking others over politics accomplishes nothing and helps no one. Wishing the best to all of you!

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This pretty much sums it up. Posting your political opinions on Facebook is virtually useless, so why engage?

Is your Facebook news feed making you sick? Need drugs to help cope with all the political insanity? You're not alone!

If you rely on Facebook for political information, keep this in mind. It doesn't matter who it's for or who it's against, political posts on facebook consist of:

33% exaggerations, distortions, or out of context
33% rumors
33% outright lies


So there's only a 1% chance that what you see on Facebook is accurate information about a candidate. Anybody can write anything, and it may appear convincing, but be smart and do your own serious open-minded research.

This stuff is much too serious to let Facebook posts influence your judgement. Thanks to all who support this page, and please make yourself informed and do go vote when the time comes.

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Well, Super Tuesday is now history. We can all expect to be bombarded with even more political posts from now to November. Have you ever honestly been influenced by a political Facebook post? Has anyone actually changed who they intended to vote for because of something they saw on Facebook?

Consider that all political posts can be categorized as:

33% distortions/exaggerations...
33% someone else's OPINION
33% blatant lies

That only leaves 1% that contain factual, useful information. You may wonder if these statistics are accurate. You can be certain that they are just as valid and truthful as any political post you will ever see.

A million thanks to all who resist and refrain from posting politics. Who wants to purposely engage in conflicts over politics on a social network that's intended to be a gathering place for friends and family?

Let's visit and share our lives with each other and leave political battles out of it. Thanks and have a great day!

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As we live through yet another time of turmoil in Washington, keep in mind that there is ALWAYS turmoil in Washington. The politicians cannot agree, and neither can the general public. Everybody has an opinion on who's to blame, but why in the world would you want to bring the conflict to what is supposed to be a friendly gathering place for friends and family to communicate? Thanks to all who try to keep Facebook pleasant and free from political strife. Please encourage others to keep politics off of Facebook. Thanks for your support.

Well, the election is over, America's choices have been made, and life goes on. The political posts seem to have subsided some, but they certainly have not stopped. Please, whenever you get an opportunity, encourage your Facebook friends to refrain from posting politics. Help keep Facebook a friendly place, and discourage others from inviting controversy and discord by posting politics! Thanks very much for your continued support.

As we come into the final stretch of this political season, the posts we're seeing are more and more outrageous and divisive. Hopefully this will subside after the election. Please do exercise your privilege to vote for the candidate of your choice; it's an American right and also our responsibility to help influence our direction as a nation. Even if your candidate does not win, your vote will send a clear message to the one who does.

There is a very interesting article in today's Houston Chronicle regarding the volatility and downright nastiness of politics on Facebook. We are not alone in our preference to not be constantly bombarded with the forceful opinions of people we consider our friends.…/The-politics-of-friendship-Have-you-…

The Woodlands resident wouldn't post about the presidential election anymore, she pledged. "Let's all take a deep breath, step back and remember that we are friends - in spite of our political views," she urged. In a Pew Research Center survey, 18 percent of adults said they had blocked,...

Some political posts are simply annoying, others are truly insulting to our intelligence, but it's extremely rare for a political post on Facebook to have any real influence on anyone in the voting booth. Thanks again to all who agree that politics don't belong here!

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The political climate is really heating up now, and we are being bombarded with more and more politics in every form of media. There certainly is no rule forbidding political posts on Facebook, and people should feel free to post whatever they like. The problem many of us have with it is that some folks will post radical and bizarre items without doing even thirty seconds of research to verify whether it's true or not. Political posts on Facebook have the same credibility problem as forwarded email - the least reliable source of information on the planet. People who "like" this page would simply prefer to reserve Facebook for pleasant exchanges between friends and family and leave the volitility of politics out of it.

Politics have become extremely volitile and divisive in recent years. Why bring that confrontational spirit to a site that is supposed to be all about friends and family? Thanks again to all who agree and support this page and this concept!

The closer we get to the next election, the more volatile the political climate becomes. We are bombarded with political opinions everywhere we turn. Thanks to all who agree that Facebook should be a fun place to visit family and friends, and that it should be an oasis from political bickering.

It's shameful how some folks will use anything as an excuse to promote their own political views and try to shove it down our throats on Facebook. Bin Laden's death cannot be credited to any political group, but only to our incredibly brave and awesome SEAL team. It makes no difference what the political views are of the individuals repelling into ...that compound in the dead of night, they were all working together as a team to complete their perilous mission. We should follow their example and work together as Americans first and foremost. Don't allow politics to dominate your relationships with others...not on Facebook and certainly not in your real life. Thanks again to all who support this page (Keep politics off of Facebook) and this concept!

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