Took my uncle and cousin shooting today after the long range rifle match. Lots of fun, and I couldn't help but get in on it myself :-)
Part of the Tactical Shotgun stage at the Trijicon World Shooting Championships at Peacemaker National Training Center, shooting an FNH USA P-12.
Trijicon World Shooting Championships, shooting a BERETTA USA over and under. This is the NSCA 5 Stand stage. It may be hard to see, but I hit both on this true pair!

Dusted off my target rifle today after not shooting it since 2015. 8" bullseye at 145 yards simulates 800 yard target, and at 183 yards it simulates 1000 yard target. Two shots after bore sight then 15 shot group at 145 yards, then 15 shot group at 183 yards. The goal is for it to be sub-MOA and it all is! It's like riding a bike! Sierra Bullets Krieger Barrels Forster Products #gun #rifle #2a #2amendment #rifles #gunlife #308win #pewpewlife #pewpew #longrangeshooting #precisionrifle #ammunition #ammo #accuracy

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Looks like my small business has a few fun things in stock!

KGS Outdoors - Your Firearms Personal Shopper added 5 new photos to the album: In Stock 5/2/17.

Currently in stock:
Crickett Precision Rifle - $264
Crickett Precision Rifle w/bipod, scope, muzzle device - $318
Glock G19 Gen 3 Battleworn Relief Cut - $600
G...lock G19 Gen 4 Battleworn Relief Cut - $650
Aero Precision PEW Stripped AR-15 Lower - $85
Aero Precision Ghost Gun Stripped AR-15 Lower - $87

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If you know anyone looking for a good carry gun, I've got a few of these

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KGS Outdoors - Your Firearms Personal Shopper added 4 new photos.

I have two versions of the brand new NiB Battleworn Glock G19 9mm pistol. To be very clear, this is a brand new in box G19 that from the factory has had afterma...rket work done to the slide and barrel. The slide and barrel have a proprietary treatment called NiB Battleworn. Additional information on this finish can be found at the two links below:…/…/2016-09-19-NIB-ONE-data…

Version 1 has no extra slide serrations, it is the G19 with the NiB Battleworn finish and that is it. This plain version is $525+tax=$575 out the door.

Version 2 has some extra serrations at the muzzle end and some very shallow slide milling throughout. This version with extra serrations is $615+tax=$673 out the door.

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Life is exciting, and our little Charles Bachand is the icing on the cake! He's 4 months old now and after being born a month early, all health concerns are now gone, he's as healthy and happy as can be .

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I sent a comment to the local representatives regarding a bill to ban certain firearms and magazines. My comment and his reply are copied below. Bottom line, I was very impressed with the local representative's grip on reality; it seems Mark Hargrove hasn't drank the kool aid!

My comment:
SUBJECT: Comment on Bill 2354
Rifles, "assault weapons", or high capacity magazines are not the cause of any epidemic of violence. The truth is much the opposite. Please review FBI cr...ime statistics which are readily available online. Homicides by rifle have consistently been one of the smallest contributors to homicides in the USA nationally and these numbers are down year over year for many years. In fact, more homicides happen with blunt objects (like bats and 2x4s) than with the alleged instruments of mass violence. Since this bill does not address any actual epidemic of violence, then we must assume it is an emotionally charged bill with no actual expectation of changing anything besides adding "feel good" legislation. Please do not support this legislation which creates no positive change and addresses no actual problem.

Mark Hargrove's reply:
Thanks for your email in opposition to SB 2354, banning assault weapons and large capacity magazines. Because this bill was from the last legislative session, it is now dead. However, I'm sure there will be other bills introduced on the same topic next year.

I am committed to preserving public firearm safety while protecting responsible gun ownership. We must ensure that gun legislation only impedes criminals, who are unlikely to obey any gun statutes, but does not infringe on the rights of legal gun owners. While we rarely hear it, statistics show that guns are far more often used to prevent crimes than to commit them.

I am expecting to have more Republicans join me in the legislature next session, which will further reduce the likelihood of such a bill advancing.

(I agree with your comment about "feel good" legislation.)

#2A #2ndamendment #firearms

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WA state AG proposed an Assault Weapons Ban (AWB). You can go here to comment:

Here is my comment:
The premise that the AWB is being proposed in response to a rash of gun violence or in response to an epidemic of mash shooters using assault weapons is just false. Please examine FBI crime data, which is immediately available online. Homicides by rifle have consistently been one of the smallest contributors for homicides in our ...nation. In fact, year by year, about 3x as many homicides are committed by either blunt objects (club, bat, 2x4, etc.) or personal objects (fists, feet, etc.) than by rifle. If more homicides are committed with bare hands and blunt objects than with rifles, then it doesn't seem the ease of access or the high round capacity of assault weapons are appreciably contributing to murder rates in any way. Should there be an "assault blunt object ban" to ban particular versions of 2x4s and other blunt objects because of this apparent epidemic in blunt object violence? Certain blunt objects do have military or ergonomic features (cushioned grips, light weight, etc.) that make them easier to wield or hit things, this could be contributing to the problem. No, that sounds silly because it doesn't make sense or address any actual problems. The proposed assault weapons ban fits into the same category and it should not even be considered as it addresses no real problem, adds no value to our communities, and only serves to increase legislation.

Please do not consider this AWB as it addresses no real problems.

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Click here to share your comments on our assault weapons proposal. Click here to read our assault weapons press release.

We just put our first house on the market…/25009-144th-Pl-SE-98042/home/401108

(NWMLS) For Sale: 3 bed, 2.25 bath, 1900 sq. ft. townhouse located at 25009 144th Place SE, Kent, WA 98042 on sale now for $275,000. MLS# 1001682. Bring your most discriminating buyer! Spacious and turnkey...

Why haven't you heard from me in the last almost 6 months? Well I've been pretty busy! I'm now done with my first 3 quarters of graduate school, the lovely wife and I will be moving soon, and she is pregnant! Obviously, that last one has us more excited than we've ever been! #pregnant

The new bushing bump neck sizing die from Forster Products has hand polished bushings. I asked what they meant by that and I learned that one by one they are placed on a lathe and polished both before and after heat treating. Now that is some attention to detail #shotshow

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Had to stop by Safety Harbor Firearms and see their new MPX and AR-15 stocks. Very compact and functional. #shotshow

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Forster Products is with Kelly Bachand.

Meet our ProStaff members in our booth (#11953 on the main floor) at SHOT Show! Kelly Bachand – US Palma Team – 1 - 3 pm (T, W, Th)

The wife and I are at #shotshow this week. We will be at Forster Products booth 11953 from 1pm to 3pm today through Thursday. Stop by and say hi! Seriously, if you are at SHOT, stop by!

They didn't use much of the 45 minute interview. Most of my interview I described why measures like this are proven ineffective - they rely on criminals to volunteer themselves to a background check they know they will fail. I reiterated that point from many different angles over and over. The only other thing I talked about were the mechanics of a background check as performed by a licensed dealer and how following the passage of the new law it was not clear what dealer's ne...eded to do. It looks like all they were able to use from my interview were some comments about the mechanics of background checks. I was asked a number of times if I thought people were following the law. Now I see the story they were trying to tell! I guess at least my words didn't get taken out of context - KING 5…/are-gun-buyers-evading-bac…/78335814/

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The citizens of Washington passed the most recent law in 2014. It required background checks for *all guns sold in our state, closing the so-called "gun show loophole." The KING 5 Investigators have been looking at the impact in the year since initiativ

Ok how about some facts? I wish our leaders would read the results of their own reports.

Exhibit A: Report on Background Checks from US DOJ
Read all of it! Tables 1, 7, and 8 tell a clear story: 153,000 background check denials resulted in 76,142 research cases, which led to 1,520 arrests.


Exhibit B: Report on Firearm use by Criminals from US DOJ
Read all of it! Highlghts table and tables 8, 9, and 12 are especially interesting: ~60-80% of criminals got their guns from family, friends, or otherwise illegally. Less than 2% of criminals got firearms from a gun show. Table 12 goes a step further indicating that 78% to 88% of these criminals were ineligible to legally obtain/possess a firearm and likely would have been prevented from purchasing a firearm legally if they tried.

Exhibit C: Report on Firearm violence from US DOJ
Read all of it! Table 14 says much the same as Exhibit B.

If background checks are the answer then why don't they lead to more arrests? Why aren't we focusing on the illegal transactions that provide most (60-80%) of the firearms to criminals? Why do we focus on an area where criminals get less than 2% of their guns?

The things being proposed don't seem to support the government's own findings.

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A little perspective on assault weapons bans

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MARS Special Operations Group

Sen. Ted Cruz Dismantles Assault Weapons Ban at Gun Control Hearing