Where Am I Wearing? Book Trailer

10 best books on food insecurity. Great to see EATING on there next to some of my favorite food books -

These top books on food insecurity uncover the problems facing the global food industry and the daily nutritional challenges many face.

Sneak peek from #WhereAmIGiving offered with no context: "I had a meeting that a dead stingray would make awkward."


3 opportunities for humanitarians in 2018: 1) more focus on locally-led aid 2) increase quantitative analysis 3) Rethink the whole aid/humanitarian system.

Larissa Fast is a Senior Research Fellow at the Humanitarian Policy Group/Overseas Development Institute (ODI) in London and a former Fulbright-Schuman scholar.

Official sees small-scale traditional agriculture + modern technologies + not focusing on short term profits + respecting the long term health of environment as keys to curbing migration from rural to urban areas.

Manuel Otero of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture says 'we have to communicate a new vision and revitalize agriculture as a dynamic sector'

Turkey re-arrested AmnestyInternational 's local chairman. When you are throwing people in jail on "bogus charges" from the NGO that fights for people arrested under bogus charges, your nation isn't moving in the right direction.

The United States said on Tuesday it was “deeply troubled” by Turkey's re-arrest of the chairman of the local arm of Amnesty International, and called on its NATO ally to end its state of emergency an

There's debate if there has ever been a female dictator. Summed up like this: Depends on how you define dictator.

However, there is no debate on whether there have been male dictators.

Who remembers these Sally Struthers commercials from the 80s? They don't hold up well - #WhereAmIGiving

It really is hard to not get caught up in the "Breaking News" political crisis of the day. Meanwhile we are not being outraged by actual global crises.

CARE put together this video of the 10 Major global crises that got the fewest headlines in 2017.

The latest CARE report, “Suffering in Silence” highlights the top ten humanitarian crises around the world that rarely made the news in 2017.

Thai seafood: are the prawns on your plate still fished by slaves? #WhereAmIEating

Report finds trafficking persists on Thai fishing boats, as campaigners challenge supermarkets to guarantee products are free of rights abuses

I'm anti-Trump, do I have to disassociate with everyone who is pro-Trump? I hope not. Some of them are family.

Maybe I’m naive, but I think we can resist, & stand against president’s actions w/o abandoning relationships.

Speaking at NKU about Donald Trump, but not about Donald Trump Two days after the November 2016 election, I spoke at Northern Kentucky University to a few hundred first year students. What would I …

Live in the San Antonio area and want me to speak to your group? I'm heading in for a conference but would be available to speak 2/9 thru 2/12.

Writing break hike #2: Snow is melting and things are starting to get muddy. I like winter in the woods the best because we can walk on the frozen swampy areas.

Also, Jersey is crazy. She doesn't walk in the woods. She crashes through it.

A single night of parenting:

"Who needs wiped?!" I yelled to Annie.

The "Will it flush" YouTube videos should not be "kid safe"


Griffin had the burccups in bed. That's burps + hiccups. He made the term up himself.

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I just Skyped with a 22-year-old guy in Cambodia. One day he was scavenging for trash and found a body. He cried remembering it. It happened 8 years ago. 3 weeks ago he graduated from university and is working as a librarian. He studied English. Loves Sherlock Holmes.

"You have to make sure that your courage covers other people’s fears.” The former gang member turned peace worker who told me that in Nairobi needs some help paying for university. If you'd like to help her ->

(Rozy Mbone shares her dream of having a safe place for those in her community to escape a life of crime) I was in Kenya researching WHERE AM I GIVING and I met a young woman named Rozy in the Koro…

Today was dress like your favorite character day at school. Harper went as Hermione accessorized with Voldemort's wand and a very realistic Dobby.