Carroll County Commissioner Richard Rothschild, Delegate Kathy Afzali, and two "tech" volonteers joined me on Tuesday at the Carroll County Board of Elections to examine a touch screen voting machine that apparently malfunctioned during the election. While I believe the State Board of Elections has established rigorous physical security and accounting procedures for the voting machines themselves, I continue to have serious concerns regarding the security of the software and the possibility that hackers could inject malicious code into these machines undetected. This video excerpt from our meeting with Gail Carter of the Carroll County BoE and Paul Aumayr from the State BoE will give you a flavor....
Donald trump in Hagerstown on sunday. Energized!

My column At FoxNews this afternoon.

John Bolton, who began work this week as President Trump’s national security adviser, has repeatedly been hit with false accusation and demonized and attacked by the left – but shows no signs of changing his views to curry favor with those advocating a weak national security policy.

My column in today's Frontpage mag: The US has many tools for exerting influence on Turkey. It's time we stood up for our allies - the Kurds - against Turkey, which has been supporting ISIS and other Islamist groups. Here's my recipe.

The U.S. has lots of leverage – let’s use it.