Up at 5:30am to do phone interviews. Rickey Smiley & Russ Parr let's gooooo!! Love both of em!!! MIAMI Springfest is gonna be craaazy! 5/28!

Happy Mothers Day Everyone!!


New Jersey!! TODAY I'm performing @ the 92.3 Now Coca Cola Concert @ Six Flags Great Adventure (Northern Star Arena)!! 6:30PM! Fun Fun Fun!!

Woman next to me asks who I am, immediately starts googling me & making commentary abt her findings...AWKWARD! Wonder if she'll find this

Finally scarfed it down 2.5 hrs later, but running behind now. Highest level of pisstivity (credit ochocinco). I'm out.

I'm sorry, last I checked I don't live in New York. Of course I'd have cooked my own if I could. This room service is blowing me #KillaKeri

Been waiting 2 friggin hours for 2 eggs!!! Am I being #KREWED again? The HELL??! Not only am I howngry, I'm on a time crunch. *dialing mgr*

Boarding a flight back to NY. Should be an interesting few days to say the least. I'm done w/ politics on twitter- too stressful!! #PeachOUT

Seriously twam & trueblues, I appreciate you guys electing me Singersroom Next Diva. Even tho i duno what the heck it is I appreciate it

I hv SO much love 4 my fans! Do anything for yall. Felt so loved tonight, I forgot I was sick lol. THANK U Nashville for lifting my spirits!

I'm here, Nashville!! I've taken so many meds & I'm gonna rest a bit more but don't you worry, I'll be on that stage tonight no matter what!

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Thank You For Liking My Page Guys .. Means a Lot to Me :D:D

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