krook krook

Selamat beraktifitas teman-teman, fufu


krok krok krok~

apa kabar semua

Ayo,ajak teman-teman kalian yang menyukai KEROPPI bergabung di sini. Terima Kasih wikiw wikiw

Selamat pagi semuaaa...

Apa alasan kalian suka keroppi?

Katakan bahwa kalian cinta keroppi..


Happy New Years..

Says : Ciku ciku ciku ciku..

I Love Keroppi Indonesia..


Keroleen is a kind girl, and good at cheering up kids who have just lost a fight.
Her hobby is collecting clothes, and she can leapfrog into a new costume before you can say ‘ribbit’. Her polka dot one piece is her favorite piece of clothing. She is currently taking special cooking classes, and she can make delicious hotcakes using the sec...ret Donut Pond essence, that Keroppi’s Mama told her about.



Curious Kyorosuke loves discovering new things.
He has the best eyesight in Donut Pond, and can see for 1 km, so he’s always the first to find out what’s coming.
He’s especially good at diving deep into the water, then leaping out and surprising people.
He’s even made Keroppi faint! Kyorosuke is part of the troublesome Trio.



Ganta is big and strong, and leader of the troublesome Trio.
He’s tough and strong, but actually he’s a little scared of tall places and dark places.
He has the ability to turn into stone!



Noberun is wise and reliable.
He’s always thinking about something.
His dream is to follow in his father’s footsteps and work at the weather bureau.
He can tell exactly when a hurricane is going to hit!
Noberun loves inventing. He is always taking photos of everyone with the underwater camera he invented.
He hates sports though...



Keroppe was born on the banks of Hyoutan Pond, on the other side of the mountain, and moved to Donut Pond recently. He’s the kind of guy that sits under a leaf on the bank of the pond, and before he knows it has been there for three days! He’s softhearted, which often makes him the butt of jokes. Keroppe is good at making masks and little boats from pond reeds.



Denden loves to vague out.
He loves hanging out with Keroppi and co. and doing very little.



Teruteru has the power to foresee the future, and can accurately forecast the weather for Donut Pond.
Her hobby is collecting ribbons.


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1.Hasunoue Pikki

The big sister of the three, Pikki is the cutest frog in town, and is always turning heads with her looks.
She loves climbing trees and cooking.
She often cooks hotcakes with Keroleen. She is a talented baby sitter, and is able to name all of the kids in Donut Pond.

Hasunoue PikkiHasunoue Pikki...

2.Hasunoue Koroppi

Koroppi is a bit of a chicken compared to Keroppi, but he never gives up once he has started something.
He looks just like Keroppi, so everyone often gets them mixed up.
Koroppi’s hobby is fiddling with machines.
He is the middle of the three children, and is a good singer, belonging to the Kerokero Choir.

Hasunoue KoroppiHasunoue Koroppi


Papa is a doctor at the Hasunoue Clinic.
One check up with Papa will make you twice the frog you used to be!
He is friends with another doctor, Bunbukugennai, the father of Hanachan from Pokopon’s Diary.



Mama is an expert cook, and she runs a little restaurant.
Of course she’s a master at cooking Keroppi’s favorite food: rice balls!
Her rice balls will have you leaping about like a frog!


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