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Konsep Tuhan Menurut Islam

Sebelumnya saya tidak bermaksud menggurui ataupun mengurangi makna dan konsep dasar tentang kebenaran tunggal. Saya bermaksud ini untuk berbagi ilmu.

Ini Hanya Sedikit ringkasan catatan kecil dari buku yang pernah saya baca.

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God's concept according to Islam Earlier I didn't mean to lecture or reduce meaning and basic concepts of single truth. I meant this to share the science. It's just a little summary of the little notes from the book I've read. Book Title: God's concept according to Islam Judul asli: Allah, The Concept of God in Islam. In everyday life, we rarely doubt that the entire creation of the universe is caused by a certain way. For example, a bridge is collapsed because the bridge is excess weight, snow (or ice stone) melting because of the hot air, a tree (plant) grows because a grain has been planted, and so But is there a thing that has no reason? An endless search story of the existence of God and the concept of God has done mankind since the descendants of Adam the first. The Son of Adam has never met God in person. Indeed, the human being will seek to find his Lord. The book of God according to yasin's work. Al-Jibouri has been published by this jakarta lantern. It led us to the "Nature of the Lord" and answered the central question: who An Orthodox view believes that God is not a substance. Scientific Logic-as ever revealed Friedrich W. Nietzsche (1844-1900), Clarke, Aquinas, Leibniz, Hume, and Russell-stating there are only three kinds of substances, a solid substance, Liquid, and gas. Besides, there's no more. But there is something that is not the substance that always used to think of something scientific, that is "the mind" itself. Is anyone able to describe what it's like? If it doesn't exist, it means there's a "substance" that doesn't form a substance as we know According to theologians, life is the highest miracles and human life represents the achievements of God's cosmic design. For Scientists, life is the most exciting phenomenon in the universe. A hundred years ago, the subject of the origin and evolution of life systems became the 'battle field' for the biggest clash of science and religion throughout contemporary history. The evolution of Charles R evolution. Darwin (1809-1882) jarring the foundation of Christian doctrine and more than any other expression since nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) puts the sun at the center of the sun system This concept is aware of the majority of the consequences of the berjangkauan of the scientific analysis. Science, so it seems, it can change the entire human perspective of self and relasinya with the universe. The Bible says it is very explicit that life is a direct result of God's activities. It does not appear as a result of a normal physical process, after the creation of the heavens and the earth. But he has chosen to produce his power and the beast, and a man named Adam and eve. , of course, the majority of Christians and Jews recognize the but of "Genesis" and do not attempt to defend the Bible version of the origin of life as historical As it is written in this book, we are taught to know the Muslims. Creator is known through his creation. Because God is the creator, so to know God, we must know his creation. (PP. 30). The concept of GOD NIR-time is not an easy concept. God is beyond the sight of creating the universe. Instead of God who simply begins the universe (trust is known as deism, not theism), is acting at all moments. The Cosmic Creator thus is given the meaning of greater immediacy-he is acting here and at this moment, but by sacrificing a certain smokescreen, because the idea of God at the time is a complicated idea. Contingency argument will fall to the victim of its own success, if we expand the definition of "the universe" that includes God. Then, is there an explanation for God in total of the physical universe that covers space, time, and matter? The theologians will say, " God is a real The Lord contains the explanation of his own existence." If it is, why do we not use the same argument to explain the universe? He says, " he is the one and the unseen, and he has no semblance." 34). The Holy Qur ' an says, " our Lord is a God who has given to everything its form, and then gives him guidance." (QS. 20:50). The book of God according to Islam can be read by non-Muslim people who are not prejudiced and ready to receive new ideas. For about a quarter of a century living in America, Al-Jibouri (born in Baghdad, Iraq, August 14, 1946) had a chance to see from the attitude of non-Muslim society against Islam and Allah is all-knowing, all-wise. An important and special book is expected to be the "Bridge Bridge" to build an understanding between God, as a mediator in the face of the holy ideology in the name of God. Through the book of the concept of God according to Islam, we are invited to refreshing with logic, understanding the it, and answer the question " who is your lord?" we are now brought to know where their Lord Islam is and understanding the existence of God It's not too much if this book is an important reference to research the true God's concept. © Bahwasannya four things that make imam ghazali amazement is 1. Science. Men without knowledge will be lost. 2. Charities. God has no knowledge. 3. Sincere. Charity does not work. 4. Scared. People with no fear (Roja) means do not see God's treatment to the auliya ' (people whom Allah has chosen). All I all bishowab


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