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Jenny O'Connor
· January 29, 2018
This was my first time visiting this faculty. And I very much did enjoy my time here however there are a few things that I believe that should be fixed or worked on to make this establishment even bet...ter. I love the variety of rides and games for the children it’s perfect for all ages my 20 month old loves this place and we’ve only been here once however the staff should work on being more friendly and kind. There is one lady who works here and she is a blond with highlights and she absolutely hates her job and it shows very very very well. She does not perform her job well at all because you can tell that she does not want to be there. We were waiting in the prize line for 15 minutes last night which is not a complaint at all it usually takes longer at Chucky cheese but watching her facial expression when the children will try to pick out their toys made me uncomfortable. When it was our turn our daughter couldn’t decide on what she wanted she just wanted everything and she at one point rolled her eyes and walked away it only took us eight minutes to choose our prize we had 365 tickets that goes along way with a little one. We got the deal that was on their website where it was $20 you had a 14 inch pizza and 100 tokens. We ordered the cheese pizza because that’s the only thing our daughter will eat. However under our cheese there were some onions I mentioned it to them I didn’t want a new pizza or anything because I was able to scrape them off but there was actually a lot over half our pizza. And not one of the staff member offered to even make us a new pizza which I thought was totally rude. I wouldn’t of accepted the new pizza anyways but the fact that they didn’t even offer one this was clearly their mistake. However we do live very close to Niles and there are lots of other places around the area that we can take our kid to and have the same or even a better experience so we will be trying out all the other locations of different arcades and museums before returning back to this establishment. I hope when we do return someday in the future that these few little things are worked on. See More
Jeanine Cappa Schraufnagel
· February 3, 2018
I took my three year old and ten year old a few days ago for a change of pace. Wow! The service was incredible. I think the prize girl, Caroline, was outstanding. What a great smile and personality. M...y three year old couldn’t decide which prizes he wanted and the line was getting long. She kept her cool and stayed calm and never appeared annoyed or irritated at his indecisiveness. A keeper for sure. The food was delicious too. We had a great salad and two pizzas. Outstanding! This will stay one of our favorite go to places!! See More
Elise Marie
· September 7, 2017
I went here the day I got fired from Nickel City and told the guy at the Kiddie Kingdom counter and he gave me a free beer because they all think Nickels is a bad business. Cheap and good local craft, new, fun and interesting games, AND cards that keep track of your credits/tickets for you so you don't have to lag around cups of tokens and tickets. I had so much fun and I'm gonna come back as soon as I gather enough cash. � Staff is so nice. I applied for a job because I love the amusement industry. � thanks Kiddie Kingdom!! See More
Nykeshia Kornegay
· November 20, 2017
I found this place online. I never knew anyone who has been here. From what I saw online, it seemed like fun. I decided to have my daughter's 3rd birthday party there and was hoping I didn't regret it.... Well my daughter and all the kids invited had the time of their lives. Myself and the other adults were amazed at how great the food was and we also really enjoyed it. Better than Chucke Cheese. The staff were very friendly and helpful and that means a lot. We will definitely be back! See More
Maria Serbia
· January 22, 2018
Great service, excellent staff, great food! My granddaughter celebrated her birthday there and it was a win win for parents and children.
Love that they cut and give the first piece of cake to the bi...rthday child, she sure felt special � See More
Alexia Besbekos
· November 11, 2017
You will never go back to Chuck E. Cheese. This place is great, much cheaper and food is actually good. I think I will be here once a month in bad weather with my kids
Jenai Glow
· November 12, 2017
Service was good, food was really good better than i was veey clean and not as loud as other places
Kimberly Torres
· November 19, 2017
Kids and I loved it! Reasonable prices, great food, great customer service and they serve liquor! Totally recommend it❤️
Chrissy Aguilera
· June 22, 2017
What is there not to love?! The staff is AMAZING! The owner and his wife are just the sweetest people. The food is great and the games are perfectly suited for ALL ages. (I would like to say 1yo to 99...yo). We live walking distance and the tokens are well priced and the prizes can be won or bought. (Every ticket is equivalent to that amount in pennies. Ex: You have 400 tickets. You can either use those tickets or pay $4.00) My only "complaint" is I wish they would expand and add more games and rides. See More
Brandee Marquee
· January 29, 2018
I had my sons 5th birthday party here and it was absolutely amazing! It can get pricey since it’s $12.99 per kid 😩 but so worth it!!!!
Geri Guest Decker
· September 3, 2017
I love the food. My faves are the chopped salad with chicken or the chicken kabob dinner. Generous portions. Yummy!!!
Stephanie SeRine
· November 10, 2017
What can I say? The food is great and it’s a fun place for kids! A+!
Amy DeLuca
· September 2, 2017
Loved this place and plan to return! It was clean, bright, and not too big that it was unmanageable. The food was also excellent, and they serve adult beverages. What more could you want?
Ida Guajardo Waterstrat
· September 22, 2017
Landon just ate a hole some meal now playing all the cool games at Arcade!
Jinn Doe
· October 4, 2017
The facilities and staff were friendly. I must ask, why run a public place for children and not have security in place ?
Robert Hilbrich
· April 3, 2017
Awesome place for kids parties! We had a party to celebrate my 9 year olds and my 3 year olds birthday. Nancy was our party host and she was fantastic. The food for the kids and the adults was great. ...The kids had fun playing games and the adults had a few drinks. Plan on having more parties here in the future. See More
Angel Trygar
· September 7, 2017
Awesome place !! I always love their deals ! Great place to bring the family !
Kristin Howse
· February 20, 2017
Just had my 3rd year old party here and it was an great experience. The staff is really nice, clean place, food is amazing and they take good care of you when you d
Throw parties there. The games are ...for an younger child and the place is a good size so your kids can't get loss. My son loves this place he had such a good time Would definitely plan another party again! See More
Teena Marie
· November 20, 2017
1st time their me and my family had a blast so spacious n clean food was awrsome... definitely cant wait 4 our next visit... staff was awesome!!! Bathrooms sooo clean
Gabrielle Ortiz Ortiz
· September 10, 2017
An amazing/ clean environment for kids! Great and cheap to have a fun time with your family!

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